Raya With Our Foodies

Celebrate Hari Raya this year with our AFN Foodies! Here's how our very own AFN foodies, Yuda Bustara, Anis Nabilah and Ili Sulaiman celebrate Hari Raya this year, and not forgetting the delicious Ramadan & Raya recipes that you can cook for your friends and family.

Celebrate Raya with Yuda Bustara

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Hari Raya

Javanese Sayur Lodeh

Javanese style Sayur Lodeh, is a braised vegetable soup from Java island, commonly using coconut milk, my recipe would be SANTAN FREE yes FREE OF COCONUT MILK, I’ll add stinky beans, smoked fish and melinjo leaves to make it more authentic, it will be creamy without any coconut
Hari Raya

Sticky Date Pudding

Sticky date pudding always brings to mind the heavenly butterscotch drizzle and vanilla ice cream over a sticky warm pudding. You don’t have to head to a fancy restaurant to recreate this –we’ve got you covered with our homemade recipe below. Dates are naturally sweet (they are a source of fructose), so you can definitely add less sugar or even go without. You can also replace the sugar with molasses or honey to give it an even stickier texture. It’s one of our absolute favourite desserts –so give it a try!

Cat Tongue Cookies (Lidah Kucing)

What a cute name for a cookie treat! Lidah Kucing, lady finger cookies or cat tongue cookies are shaped like cat tongues and really easy to whip up. Texture wise, it is similar to French Tuile Cookies but more cakey. These biscuits are commonly served during Hari Raya, and are a huge hit among kids. Sprinkle some hundreds and thousands on it or even dip it in chocolate before adding sprinkles for a dash of color. We are definitely addicted to its buttery crunch!

Healthy Pineapple Tarts (Nastar Sehat)

Who doesn’t love the gooey, sweet, sticky pineapple tarts? We can literally pop them by the dozen if no one is watching. Nastar Sehat or Pineapple tarts have been a staple dessert snack during Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. This version of Healthy Pineapple Tarts uses less sugar in both the cookies and pineapple paste while retaining the yummy, melt-in-your-mouth base and lightly spiced topping. Make it a fun family affair by getting the kids to help shape the base into circles, flowers or heart shapes to hold the pineapple paste. Just make sure they are about the same size for baking evenly.

Moss Jelly (Puding Lumut Mentega)

With its beautiful emerald green exterior, Moss Jelly or Puding Lumut Mentega is sure to be a star attraction on your dessert table. Most often served during Ramadan in Indonesia, this dual-layered custard jelly is delightfully creamy and is actually made out of refreshing veggies. It’s a really stealthy way to sneak some fresh cucumber and bean sprouts into snacks for the kids and adults alike. Grab a piece before it disappears from the table!

Celebrate Raya with Anis Nabilah

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Chicken Ros Curry (Kapitan Curry)

This Chicken Ros Curry or Kapitan Curry recipe is my version of the same dish from a famous Nasi Kandar restaurant in Penang, that’s been around for over 130 years, and it’s the restaurant that catered for my late grandparents’ wedding. This is a recipe I cracked after diligently eating at the restaurant for three months. This recipe calls for homemade dried and fresh spice mix, it’s so rich and flavourful, perfect on special occasion like Raya!

Celebrate Raya with Ili Sulaiman

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Laksa Johor

Laksa Johor is a special dish that is made during Raya. This year amidst the uncertainty of our current situation, with restrictive movement control, I am attempting to simplify this amazing Raya dish with a few pantry items.

Mochi Donuts

The perfect buka puasa treat. Mochi doughnuts are crispy on the outside with a sticky and chewy inside.

Sambal Tempeh, Kacang & Ikan Bilis

In just over half an hour, grab a handful of dried anchovies, peanuts, block of tempeh and a smatter of sharp garlic, ginger, juicy onions and sweet tamarind paste to make a magical dish. You’ll blend the herby-licious ones up, and toss everything into the hot oiled pan and watch them all transform into golden and caramelisy. A simple but umami-packed dish that can be eaten with mains for a satisfying breakfast, or anytime of the day. PS, we’re having it on the first day of Ramadan with a bowl of warm coconutty Lontong.

Mushroom and Tempeh Rendang

Break fast with Ili LIVE this Ramadan. Cook along with Ili as she shows you how to cook her delicious Mushroom and Tempeh Rendang. Live exclusively on asianfoodnetwork's facebook page at 5PM SEA on 19th May.

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