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Sashi De is on a quest to understand culinary stories from around the world; as a veteran traveler and filmmaker, he has scoured the globe over the last decade in search of stories and experiences for his audience; Maximum Foodie is a catalog of the stories of the world’s best chefs; the kind of culinary topics that will thrill, fascinate and intrigue food lovers worldwide.

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Exclusive Itinerary : Hong Kong & Vietnam


Exclusive Itinerary : Philippines and India


Maximum Foodie: 10 Deliciously Tasty Questions with Host Sashi De

What is it like to trek through Bali's forests, looking for cashews and cacao? Or, to tuck into a tender plate of Hong Kong's roasted meats in the old city? Well, Maximum Foodie host Sashi De had quite the adventure around Asia, doing all that and more. He tells us the juiciest bits.



Episode 1: Hong Kong's Dim Sum Delights

Join Maximum Foodie Host Sashi De as he explores Hong Kong and the best of Hong Kong's famous dim sum delights.

Episode 2: Hong Kong's Local Delights

We've had the best of Hong Kong's dim sum. Now, Host Sashi De explores the best of what Hong Kong has to offer when it comes to its local cuisine, from classic black bean tossed clams, seafood to its roasted meats.

Episode 3: Manila & Cacao Pods

Get right to the very heart of one of the world's famous beans - the cacao beans. Straight to the pod with Host Sashi De.

Episode 4: Manila's Seafood

Deliciously sweet, fresh and juicy seafood, the best of the ocean's catch. Follow Host Sashi De as he shows the best of Manila's fresh seafood.

Episode 5: Hanoi's Best Street Food

From noodles to pancakes to stews, Hanoi's local street food is one you cannot miss.

Episode 6: Hanoi's Best Local Cuisine

We've had Hanoi's best street food, now Host Sashi De sources for the best of Hanoi's local cuisine.

Episode 7: Mumbai with a Twist

Host Sashi De has a taste of Mumbai's freshest produce with a contemporary twist.

Episode 8: Mumbai's Best Street Food

With some of the freshest ingredients, Mumbai's street food is heavily influenced by its regional ingredients, and makes for some of the most fragrant and tastiest street food.

Episode 9: Best of Bali's Local Cuisine

A vibrant cultured mixed with vibrant flavours influenced by the region's fresh local produce, Host Sashi De explores the best of Bali's local cuisine.

Episode 10: Bali's Street Food

Home to fresh local produce and seafood, Host Sashi De experiences the best of what Bali's street food has to offer, and more.

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