Jason's Market Trails

Join Jason as he spends his mornings at wet markets across Malaysia. Discovering the origins, stories and processes of local foods, unearthing the markets’ histories and also the livelihood of the vendors.


Jason's Market Trails: Butterworth Apollo Market's Fried Taro Ball

Jason visits the famous Butterworth Apollo Market's food stalls, and tries a unique street food find - fried taro balls.

Jason's Market Trails: Alor Setar Pekan Cina Fried Economical Beehoon

This famous traditional economical beehoon stall only sells two things: economical fried beehoon, and siam beehoon.

Jason's Market Trails: Cecil Street Market's Popiah

One of the not-so-hidden gem is the Famous Cecil Street Market's Popiah. Cooked over charcoal that gives it that so flavourful 'charred' taste, this popiah is one of the few remaining with actual crab meat inside, and that's one of the reasons it's so tasty.

Malacca's Niang Tou Fu

A Hakka favourite, this delicious soup is packed with a flavourful broth, colorfully stuffed ingredients, and is a treasure trove of yong tau foo ingredients.

Taiping's Famous Appam

A type of pancake, you either love your Appam crispy or soft. And this stall in Taiping is famous for both. Originally sold for teething children who were unable to eat the crispy appam, the 'core' of the appam has come to be a favourite for many here.

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