How to Make Asian Food

Asian delicacies are known for their bold flavours and diverse range of cooking methods. While you might be able to find Asian cuisine easily at your location, why not try whipping up some of your own creations in the comfort of your own kitchen? The Asian Food Network teaches you how to make Asian food with our huge collection recipes. Not only are our recipes carefully documented, you can watch video tutorials for a more in-depth and comprehensive guide.


Asian Cooking Tips to Help You Cook with Confidence

Even if you know how to make Asian food, trying to cook a new dish can be daunting. But not to worry, we have some tips to help you cook faster and eat better -

  • When stir-frying - make sure the oil is hot before you add anything into the pan to prevent the ingredients from getting greasy. You can tell if the wok is hot enough if it starts to smoke slightly
  • When steaming - ensure none of the ingredients are immersed in water
  • When deep-frying - carefully slide the food into the oil to prevent splattering. Add them in small amounts to avoid lowering the temperature

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