10 Deep-Fried, Sweet Desserts You'll Make Again and Again

10 Deep-Fried, Sweet Desserts You'll Make Again and Again

What's more irresistible than desserts? Deep-fried ones, for sure. And it seems every country has one coated in hot oil and a great sweet crackle. Here's 10 to keep.

1. Buttery Sugared Potato Donut 


Know what's a great sweet treat? These Buttery Sugared Potato Donuts from Yuda Bustara. It's a squelchy, chewy buttery ring of a donut, that's easy to make. You'll enjoy too the process - it's a comfortable warm knead of eggs, flour, butter and yeast to get a lip-thick ring. And for a final sweet hit, it's in to the deep-fryer and on with the icing sugar. Dust away! 

2. Deep-Fried Cempedak 


Fruit with a crunch. The cempedak, often times viewed as a juicer and smaller jackfruit, is a highly perfumed fruit with great bounce and juice. That's why it goes on wonderfully coated with crispy earthy turmeric-flavored flour outside, crackling under a wok of hot oil. Downright delicious and oozing fruity flavor, be sure to make smaller sized balls so you can pop them into your mouth in a big bite for bursting flavour. 

3. Pumpkin Salted Egg Yolk Round Cakes (Nan Gua Bing)


These extremely chewy and satisfying doughy glutinous rice cakes should be devoured with a cup of tea in hand. Indeed, it’s a salted egg yolk deviation from the traditional Nan Gua Bing that’s just pumpkin-stuffed. Here, mashed also with creamy salted duck yolks, it’s then fried and bubbled in hot oil, and will make a perfect snack in the moon-marvelling Mid-Autumn festival. If you want some crunch, sprinkle nutty pumpkin seeds on top before frying. Best munched on while still hot.

4. Sugared Pandan Donuts


Did you know the “nut” in the western doughnut referred to the hole in the middle, which allowed the insides and outsides to be cooked evenly? Well, even though these yummy Crisp and Fluffy Pandan Chinese Doughnuts don’t have holes, their small rounded surface definitely makes it fast and easy to fry! Bite into these fritters for a colourful treat to the eyes and taste buds. Pandan is a well-loved Asian ingredient due to its distinct aroma and subtle sweet taste. This recipe calls for only pandan leaves, but if you love the flavour of pandan, feel free to add a few drops of pandan essence!

5. Red Bean Chinese Pancake


Picture this -crispy, golden crepe enveloping a sheet of warm, velvety red bean paste. It is the perfect dessert, originating from China, and a must-have item in any authentic Chinese restaurant. It is made from the simplest of ingredients–some flour, sesame oil, and red bean paste (homemade or canned works) –and unlike many desserts, takes no time to prepare. For some colour and added sweetness, dust icing sugar on the pancakes!

6. Deep-Fried Banana Balls (Cekodok Pisang)


Go bananas over these deep-fried wonder things. Simply made with bananas, a typical flour batter and deep-fried till golden, shimmery and bubbling with crisp - this is one half an hour dessert you'll find yourself making on repeat. It's believed that the more ripe the bananas are, the better it is for this recipe, as banana fans love the fruit's intense sweetness. It's up to you though, you could use greener bananas for a milder flavor. 

7. Banana Chocolate Turon Two Ways


It’s like a spring roll, but sweet. The famous afternoon snack is traditionally stuffed with plantain (banana) and dusted with brown sugar here in the Philippines. I learned about this food because of a street vendor who consistently passes by our house to sell just that. I love its simplicity, and how it is well-loved by almost all Filipinos. This crunchy snack can be made in two ways –original style with plantain or a crunchy chocolate one, drizzled with caramel. Both are equally addictive! P.S. A famous shopping mall in the Philippines turned the humble turon into a million peso enterprise!

8. Churros with Chili Chocolate


Crispy on the outside, light and airy on the inside, freshly fried churros are a favourite treat in countries like Spain and Mexico. It is traditionally dipped in thick chocolate sauce, but we have spiced it up with a touch of chilli powder and bird-eye chilli! Here’s a secret that Spanish grandmothers will not share with you – churros are great for making ahead. Simply allow them to cool after frying and pop them as is in the refrigerator in an airtight container. When it’s time to have them, heat them up with an oven at 180 degrees until crisp. 

9. Sweet Lotus Chinese Pancake


Sweet lotus layered heaven. These Chinese pancakes can be quite filling, so you might want to save some space for more than just a little bit of dessert. Doughy, milky, creamy custard crepe layers are sandwiched with sweet, nutty lotus paste in a shallow pan of hot blistering oil. What's lovely to see is the crepe crackle and bubble into a just-enough crisp layer for each bite.

10. Sweet Potato Donut (Kueh Keria) 


A crisp sugared glass-like layer makes for a lovely bite and crunch of this chewy little donut. The flour is a expert mix of high chew tapioca flour - that gives this dessert snack its famous bite. But the real prize ingredient is sweet potato. Here we used regular orange sweet potatoes, but you can also use yellow or even for sweeter, purple ones associated with Japan. It's easy enough to make with a quick flatten of the palm and a dimple in the flour to give a donut its ring. Then into hot oil and out with a cool liquid sugar finish. Lovely. 

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