Women's Day 2021

This March, celebrate Women's Day 2021 with AFN  & be empowered in your daily lives and in the kitchen. #Choosetochallenge your culinary & baking prowess, & maybe even start championing a healthier, greener lifestyle. Learn how to cook the most delicious, simplest, & healthiest dishes from our AFN Foodies - Sarah, Ili & Janti, as they bring you the best tips & tricks to help you around the kitchen, & share their stories of standing out in a male dominated industry. 

By Our AFN Foodies

The best lifestyle, cooking & kitchen tips from AFN's female foodies. Learn how to be a boss in the kitchen while working from home. 


Don't Bin It: How to Turn Food 'Waste' into Something Delicious

What do you do with potato skins? Ugly fruits? Or wilted spring onions? Charlotte Mei shows you how to turn them into magical meals so your food lasts longer for you

5 Easier-Than-You-Think Ways To Enjoy Malaysian Food On a Gluten-Free Diet

Ili Sulaiman reveals her secrets to eating and cooking delicious Malaysian food, in spite of a gluten-allergy

Weep Not: How to Cut Onions without Crying

Caramelising onions in anything gives wonderful sweetness, but before that - you've got to first get through the tears... or do you? Sarah Huang Benjamin has the answers.

Debbie Wong’s Easy Tips for Super Satisfying No Recipe Cooking

From knowing your flavor profile, to making a great tasting one-meal bowl, Debbie gives you her best tips to make every meal easy and satisfying

Comfort Recipes From Our Foodies


Sarah's One Bowl No Churn Five Spice Orange Ice Cream

One can never resist desserts and definitely not ice creams. Try making your own ice cream, but this time, try using our One-Bowl No-Churn Five Spice and Orange Ice Cream recipe. It's a unique Asian dessert that is especially suitable for those who don't have a sweet tooth. The addition of five-spice powder balances out the sweetness, yet at the same time, it is not overpowering. Given that this entire recipe can be completed with the help of one bowl, it is perfect for everyone!

Sarah's Classic Banana Cake

Maybe like me, you’ve wondered if you really do need overripe bananas to make a great loaf. After I tested this out, I discovered that yes, you do! The sweet, dense overripe banana flesh perfumes the cake with delicious banana aroma, and makes this classic recipe the perfect treat.

Janti's Keto Sesame Roast Beef with Cauliflower Mash

With the creaminess and seeping sweetness of potato, you might be forgiven if you mistook the side of mashed cauliflower for the usual mash. But it’s not the only star in the plate of warm beef steak-that also happens to be keto diet. The soft sinking bed of vegetables too, wraps tender beef slices in tomato-sour and onion-aromatic juices.

Ili's Spicy & Addictive Asam Pedas Ikan

Asam Pedas is a popular sour and spicy fish stew that’s often cooked for family meals in Malaysia and Indonesia. We like to use freshwater Pomfret as that particular fish is naturally sweeter than others, but you can also use Salmon, Stingray, Red Snapper and many other local fishes. There are countless variations in hand-me-down recipes, but we’ve combined the best to bring you the most appetising version of Asam Pedas. Pair it with steaming coconut or normal basmati rice and the rice soak up the tasty gravy!

Top Trending Articles Just For You

It's time to get into the healthy lifestyle. Practice some good ol' self love, or simply kick back & relax with a cup of tea & get inspired the latest beauty, health, & horoscope articles on AFN, just for you.


What Is Your Go-To Comfort Food Horoscope?

Everyone has that one dish that instantly makes them feel better. Find out which comfort food speaks to your star sign!

What is Your Guilty Pleasure Horoscope?

Rich, creamy, salty, sweet or simply indulgent, there are so many ways to reward yourself and your taste buds – find out what types of food hit the right spot based on your star sign.

What Is Your Healthy Dish Horoscope?

Tell us what's your star, and we'll reveal what's your ideal healthy dish

What is Your Perfect Binge Food Horoscope?

Whether you're watching an episode or marathon, make the perfect binge food for your horoscope!

10 Foods You Need In Your Kitchen To Succeed in a Keto Diet in Asia

Finally, you can succeed in a keto diet in Asia with these 10 keto substitutes made to conquer the world’s top rice and noodle region. You’ll see why creamy cauliflower is a perfect substitute for rice in a heavenly fat-infused chicken rice. Then, try your pan at an excellent egg skin to replace high-carb wheat skin in a crunchy keto popiah. All keto recipes here.

10 Healthy Nutty Recipes Packed with Energy and Flavour

Sprinkle almonds into quick peanut butter honey balls, cashews into an aromatic middle eastern rice bowl, or crushed peanuts in an Indonesian fried tofu dip, and more

9 Satisfying Low Carb Alternatives for a Productive Week

Low in carbs doesn't mean low in flavor! Tuck into these delicious meals that are packed with wholesome nutritious goodness to get you through the day

Delicious Mornings Made Easy & Healthy

Start your day right with a deliciously refreshing cuppa with us.


Deliciously Creamy Matcha Blueberry Smoothie

This might be just the drink that every champion needs. All you need is a quick 10 mins to blend up a beautiful rainbow spread of blueberries, banana, and chia in a creamy blend of Greek yoghurt and milk. And all that sweetness is balanced with zesty ginger, chillingly cool mint leaves and bitter matcha powder for all-round goodness. A completely satisfying super tonic for a mid-week booster.

DIY Citrus Masala Chai

Leftover citrusy peels? Use excess ginger and orange peels to flavour a delicious Masala tea, and as an air freshener for your kitchen. All you’ve got to do is brew a mug of deliciously spiced chai that’s made from a smatter of cardamon pods, sweet cinnamon, sharp peppercorn and a few more things. My version gives the traditional drink a refreshing edge with your unused citrus peels.

Green Bean Water

Green Bean Water is literally, the coolest thing on the block. Boiled under medium heat, it’s incredibly light, mood lifting, and used as an everyday tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Fans of the magical brew believe that the make-in-15mins green beans, or mung beans, help clear heat and toxins from the body, improving circulation in the process. Now isn’t that’s so much good for so little effort?

Make This Super Green Capsicum and Apple Juice Booster

The smell of fresh green apples in a garden. That’s quite the taste of this super quick capsicum and apple juice-that really is all you need for a wake-me-up in the morning. Add a dash of sharp ginger slices and a dusting of super-potent anti-bacterial oregano and you’re all set for the challenges of today.

Getting The Tea in Beauty & Health 

We've tried it all, searched it all. How to keep skin young, supple. These collagen-infused drinks, cell-regenerative, healthy recipes that are easy to recreate at home without costing a bomb, & are perfect pick me ups for relieving stress & reducing heatyness.


Almond Pudding with Snow Fungus & Goji Berries

Sweet dessert soups are often a favorite for many people as they’re not only refreshing but also full of healthy herbs and ingredients. Ann’s Almond Pudding with Snow Fungus and Goji Berries is an innovative twist on a sweet Chinese dessert soup turned into a pudding. Silky soft with a bit of bite from the goji berries and chopped almond bits, it’s great for tea time or even as a post-meal treat at a festive Chinese New Year gathering.

Honeydew Sago Pomelo

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as an ice-cold bowl of Honeydew Sago on a hot summer’s day, and you will see why! Balls of cold melon, sago and pomelo floating in a cooled mixture of honeydew and evaporated milk that is both sweet yet incredibly refreshing. Not into Honeydew? It can be replaced with durian, jackfruit or mango!

One-Pot Apple, Osmanthus, and Cranberry Dessert Soup

A refreshing dessert soup is a classic for Chinese New Year, and is sure to get your year off to a sweet start. This one uses dried cranberries for an easy interesting twist, adding lots of tartness and texture to this dish. The osmanthus adds a wonderful floral note for an elegant touch.

Snow Fungus Dessert

Snow fungus contains dietary fibers that helps to lower cholesterol in the foods that we eat but also control the sugar absorption. It basically acts like a filter for your body. It also makes you even more beautiful by replenishing the collagen that we need to make our skin nice and bouncy.

10 Easy Ways To Make Your Own Chinese Herbal Tea for Everyday Drinking

Asia's finest superfoods in a cup of soothing herbal tea for quick and easy boosts of wellness

Apple and Pear Pork Rib Soup

Yes, you read that right -Soup made from apple and pear! Originating from China, the Apple and Pear Pork Rib Soup is rumoured to be nourishing for your throat and lungs, andhave anti-aging properties. There is some prep work involved, and some time is required for the soup to be simmered to perfection but it is well worth the effort!

Lotus Root Soup

A light Chinese soup eaten anytime and especially at Chinese New Year. Sip slowly the fat-infused chicken soup naturally sweetened with lotus root and big soft peanuts for a nutty, silky finish in between swirling herbal garlic and ginger bits.

Hearty Umami Seafood Spinach Mee Hoon Kueh

What is better than a dish filled with the umami flavors of the sea? The answer lies in this recipe, our healthy twist to the Seafood Mee Hoon Kueh. Using one of the superfood, spinach, to replace the traditional noodle, this colorful dish is not just delightfully delicious but high in vitamins that are great for your eye health, reduce oxidative stress and blood pressure.

Watercress & Pork Ribs Soup

Said to improve the health of lungs, upper respiratory tract and lower blood pressure, the Watercress and Pork Ribs soup is a popular Chinese dish that requires minimal effort to prepare. The easiest way to cook this soup with some pork ribs, salt and watercress but here we recommend some additional items such as wolfberries and dates to give it a sweeter flavor. Best served warm with a bowl of rice and some dark soy sauce for dipping!

Healthy Meal Prep & Lunch Bento Ideas 

New year, new you. Eat healthy with AFN, let us motivate you to start your new journey to a healthier, happier body. 


Taro Rice (Yam Rice)

The perfect dish for busy days, the Taro Rice is a fluffy, aromatic, and flavorful Chinese-style yam rice that is wholesome enough to eat on its own, or as a staple to accompany your mains. It takes just 30 minutes to get it from the stove to table and the best part? You may use your trusty rice cooker to do most of the work!

Chapati Wraps

Start the day right with these vegetarian Chapati Wraps that are perfect for an Indian-style breakfast, or even as a midday snack. Using only 3 ingredients for the dough, homemade chapati is fun, fast and easy to make. Nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction when you see the dough puff up and rise on your pan, making the perfect chapati. While this recipe uses green chutney, potatoes and a variety of other vegetables for a deliciously nutritious filling, these chapati wraps are incredibly versatile and would pair well with any leftovers you might have from last night’s dinner.

Kanda Poha (Maharashtrian Flattened Rice)

An authentic and traditional Maharashtrian breakfast recipe made with flattened rice (known as “Poha” in India), it is also popular in Gujarat & some parts of Madhya Pradesh. It is a simple and healthy recipe, which can be made quickly for breakfast or as an evening snack. Best served steaming hot, it is generally enjoyed as it is, but tastes better when topped with fresh grated coconut. No Maharashtrian household kitchen is complete without stocking up on Poha.

Meat Free Katsu Curry

Be sure to make a bed of warm Japanese rice for this fragrant, thick Japanese curry with crisp meat free “katsu”. You’ll need to first pat Quorn’s fillet pieces with breadcrumbs, bind them with eggs and into hot oil they go for the classic golden katsu crunch. Add sweetness to the curry with an apple and onion, and don’t forget the typical potato and carrots that make this Japan’s favourite stewy curry dish.

 Pamper Yourself

Thinking of that extra calorie count? Think less. Between dealing with tough co-workers, & work stress, period stress, any kind of stress, it's time you let YOU have your moment. Celebrate being a badass with our easy, badass desserts to brighten your mood. 


10 Binge-Worthy Korean Snacks

Staying up for a big online sale? These uber addictive Korean snacks will keep you going way past midnight

10 Of The Cheesiest Cheese Recipes Ever

Begin a life-long love affair with cheese with any one of our 10 cheesiest recipes ever

10 Joyfully Magical Chocolate Recipes

Milk, dark, white; melting or in crisp thins- chocolate gives happiness in big and small mouthfuls

Stuffed Tuna Mayo Sushi Muffins

This Stuffed Sushi recipe requires no sushi mat(only a simple muffin tray), but still serves up something impressively scrumptious. Sweet corn and tuna mayonnaise combine well to give a creamy sweetness to this Stuffed Sushi without being overpowering. Feel free to sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds on top and Japanese Chili Flakes (Ichimi Togarashi) to enhance the flavors and textures!

Chicken Biryani Sushi Rolls

Biryani is an amazing royal Indian delicacy.It’s a mixed rice dish that is not unlike curry if you break it down to the individual ingredients and steps, and combines semi-cooked rice with a rich gravy to infuse flavours in the cooking steps. In this Chicken Biryani Sushi Rolls recipe, sushi rice is cooked in aromatic chicken biryani spices enriching the taste of traditional sushi and giving this traditional rice roll a more delightful look.

10 Deep-Fried, Sweet Desserts You'll Make Again and Again

What's more irresistible than desserts? Deep-fried ones, for sure. And it seems every country has one coated in hot oil and a great sweet crackle. Here's 10 to keep.

5 Popcorn Bowls For Unstoppable Snacking

Make a divinely puffed, more sweet than savoury popcorn bowl from mala salted caramel to kimchi seaweed

Chocolate Bowl Cake

Chocolate Bowl Cake is an easy-simple-scrumptious sweet treat for tea break. Only 2 ingredients needed and 3 easy steps to complete the dish within 7minutes. It is simply amazing!

Chocolate Fudge Keto Donuts

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Being on a keto diet doesn’t mean that you don’t get to satisfy your sweet tooth. To keep it low carb, almond flour is used instead of normal all-purpose flour, but stuffed with a gooey chocolate fudge filling, these fluffy keto donuts are just as decadent and hits the spot for a perfect afternoon snack.

Spicy Chocolate Mousse Bowls

Chocolate mousse served in chocolate bowls? Sounds like a dream for any chocolate lover. My version of this classic dish includes cayenne pepper, which offers a spicy aftertaste that is surprisingly addictive for those who enjoy a little kick even in their desserts! Rich and creamy, this decadent treat is also suitable for a keto diet as I've substituted sugar with granulated erythritol. With this recipe, it's so easy to indulge this festive season!

Mala Molten Lava Cake

Yes, you heard it right. Mala molten lava cake. The ooey, gooey chocolatey cake now spiced up with hints of mala, it's a mouthful of rich cakey goodness. Pair it with vanilla ice cream to calm your palette from the spicyness of the mala paste and cut the bitter sweet richness of the chocolate.

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