Join us as we explore Singapore's food scene and bring you the latest food trends, delicious burnt cheesecake, smoking bubbly pork ribs, umamilicious uni pasta, and more!


Wow! Singapore: Charcoal Chicken Bao

In a busy two-way street of Singapore’s Chinatown lies Bao Makers, a curiously contemporary Chinese bun making shop. They’re known for their bold, localised flavours like Chilli Crab Bao and Blackened Chicken. Now if you pick the chicken over crab, you’ll bite through a deep-fried, savoury crisp chicken coated in edible charcoal batter, oozing with torched garlic mayo. And there’s more.

Wow! Singapore: Blue Algae Bubble Tea for This Festive Season

For a limited time only, the enchanting flavours made with edible blue extract are the Blue Algae Honey Lemon Ice Blend, Blue Algae Honey Grapefruit and Blue Algae Honey Brown Rice Milk Tea

Wow! Singapore: Salted Egg Yolk and Curry Macaron

It’s another one on the list of salted egg yolk infused food. But this one’s a strangely appealing dessert. The French macaron at Singapore patisserie The M Plot is infused with salted egg yolk cream and a lingering taste of peppery, spiced curry leaves. Other offerings are equally decadent, like the chocolate mango mousse and a whole lot more.

Wow! Singapore: Sea Urchin Pasta

At The Masses that sits in downtown Singapore, order an addictively lip-smacking pasta dish that pops with rich flavours of sea urchin, caviar and crabmeat, all rolling in a bed of thick lobster-infused pasta. It’s both a mouthful to eatand to order, with the name C&C&C&C that includes clams and chorizo, a type of European pork sausage.

Wow! Singapore: Bubble Milk Tea Crispy Seaweed

Bubble tea isn't just a drink, now you can eat it too.

Wow! Singapore: Two-Face Burnt Cheesecake

Beautifully burnt –two words to describe a special cheesecake made in Singapore’s Keong Saik Bakery. A classic twist that came from Spain decades ago, this basque cheesecake, or burnt cheesecake is crafted with four types of cheese.

Wow! Singapore: Stellar Pork Ribs

Hidden in a hynoptic magic bowl is fiery spiced pork ribs in a fragrant chili mix. It's rewarding to watch, wait and eat- so sit tight and dig in to some really stella pork ribs at Taikoo Lane Hotpot in busy Chinatown.

Wow! Singapore: Bubble Waffle

Tucked in Singapore’s hipster hood of Arab Street lies social media famous bubble waffle shop Asian Rad Afters. Most come for their big seller, Bubble Waffles, which is a big cone of warm Hong Kong-styled egglet wrapped around one of over ten handcrafted ice-cream flavours. That includes deliciously creamy Thai Milk Tea, and one with a floral pandan fragrance. But there’s more than just ice cream, try out the Iced Asian Teas with lychee and oolong too. Non-diary and vegan options available.

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