Find the most delicious filipino recipes, and favourites that you need to try out. Catch Matthias Rhoads & Anton Amoncio as they explores how to cook homely comforting dishes that you can recreate in your own kitchen

Matthias Rhoads

Chicken Cordon Bleu

French in name, Swiss in origin, Cordon Bleu is now commonly enjoyed in the Philippines on festive occasions such as Noche Buena, a widely celebrated Christmas Eve dinner. In my Filipino-style Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe, ham and cheese are wrapped in tender juicy chicken that’s coated with panko breadcrumbs. Fry it to golden brown perfection and savor a satisfying crunch that gives way to moist chicken infused with rich creamy flavors in every bite. Serve with a side of ranch dressing and cheese sauce to complement the dish. A truly delicious present to give your family this holiday season.

Boneless Lechon Belly

Lechon is a traditional celebratory dish, and it’s the perfect choice for Noche Buena - a Christmas eve dinner, enjoyed by families in the Philippines. It's common to roast the whole pig but for this recipe, I’ve only used the belly so that it’s easier to make at home. With just six ingredients, you can make a deliciously fatty dish that’s satisfyingly crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. Serve up this Filipino delicacy with two different dipping sauces to cater to every palate - a sweet yet savory liver sauce and some punchy Sinamak (spiced vinegar). This wholesome combination of flavors makes for an excellent dish to share with your loved ones this festive holiday season.


This Mestizo, aka Spanish-influenced dish, is an extremely popular Filipino Christmas favorite commonly served during Noche Buena. Cooked with love, the ox tongue should not be feared – it has always been a pleasant surprise to non-tongue eaters, as they are amazed by the fragrant taste and supple tenderness of this beef selection. If you don’t tell them what it is, they will love the tongue before they know it! Served in mushroom sauce to boost the umami or savory notes, this Lengua in Mushroom Sauce is best enjoyed with rice for a real comfort food experience!

Mango Graham

A very familiar, comforting and friendly Filipino-American fusion dessert that can be spotted at almost every celebration, Mango Graham Cake is definitely perfect for a Filipino Christmas or Noche Buena meal! It’s pretty much the easiest thing I have ever cooked – even a kid could do this! All you need is fresh and ripe mangos, crisp graham crackers, some cream and condensed milk, and a fridge! Just don’t rush the cooling process! Before you know it, you’re all set to indulge in this sweet guilty pleasure with your family and friends this holiday season.
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Noche Buena Cost Effective Dishes

In the Philippines, noche buena is the night, and the feast, before Christmas Day. More specifically, it is the meal eaten after hearing the midnight mass to welcome Christmas Day. Let Matthias Rhoads show you how to cook the most cost effective dishes this year to make the most out of your buck and have a good time!

Oxtail Soup

Momma Delia’s Oxtail Soup is near and dear to my heart, and brings back many sweet memories with my beloved family and friends, from old to new. This recipe is originally from my mom’s sister, but we don’t know where she got it! It’s simple to make but takes patience. The big secret is to make it really tender through hours of simmering in a flavorful beef broth. The ultimate comfort food, this heartwarming soup is the perfect rustic addition to your Noche Buena and Christmas dinner menu.

Pancit Canton

Noodles - it’s where the heart is! Fun to make and eat for all ages, young and old, they are always an international favorite! Pancit Canton is a Filipino-style chow mein inspired by Chinese-style stir-fried noodles - the name “canton” is actually derived from Cantonese - and this dish is bursting with Asian flavors with every bite! This makes for a great carb dish for the Noche Buena party table and its unique umami mix of flavors will surely leave your loved ones asking for seconds.

White Adobo

The most famous dish from the Philippines must be the adobo, but this Adobong Puti is different from other variations of the classic adobo as it is cooked without soy sauce. While it is a surprisingly simple change, it comes as a bigger surprise to me to find out how different, yet equally, if not more, delicious the results can be. Juicy on this inside, the tender chicken has a crispy texture due to the meat being twice cooked! Be sure to prepare enough chicken for the whole family for Noche Buena, cause one bite will only leave you wanting more and more.

Wow! Philippines: Cansi

If you’re struck by a hunger for hot beef stew, you’ll want to be at Sharyn’s Cansi House, just an hour flight from the Philippine capital of Manila. The deliciously sour beef shank soup appeals with its fragrant sourness and acidity. But that’s not its only flavour. Poke into a juicy sweet bone marrow and the star, meltingly tender beef shank.

Wow! Philippines: Chicken Inasal

The Philippine city of Bacalod, just off Manila, is known for Chicken Inasal, an addictively tangy grilled chicken.

Wow! Philippines: Chicken Relleno

When the Philippines celebrates Christmas, they cannot go without the Chicken Relleno. A golden crispy chicken that’s first deboned then stuffed with a blend of lip-smacking meat and sweet fruits like raisins. Served cold or hot, it’s delicious all year-round, especially at Christmas at the trendy city of Makati’s Romulo Café.

Wow! Philippines: Empanada

It’s not a curry puff, but it’s quite close really. Known as Empanada, you’ll want to grab a hot one at Emma Lacson’s Delicacies, where it’s made to secret perfection. A flaky, crossiant-like shell wraps tasty meat, egg, raisins and more. It’s said you won’t just stop at one.

Wow! Philippines: Hamon De Bola

When it comes to the eve of Christmas in Philippines, also known as Noche Buena, Hamon de Bola is a definite must-have on the Christmas table.

Wow! Philippines: Piaya

What’s crunchy on the outside, and meltingly sweet all over? Well the name’s Piaya, a Filipino pancake that’s packed with muscovado, or roasted sugarcane that’s a delicious delicacy in Silay city. Take a bite of that just offthe Philippine sugar capital of Bacolod, right at the attractive heritage zone of Balay Puti.

Wow! Philippines: Puchero

Pochero, or Puchero, call it by either name, but one thing’s the same –it’s a deeply aromatic beef stew bursting with tomato goodness. It first came to the Philippines from the Spanish colonial masters but quickly become deliciously cooked across kitchens in the country. And this one’s fantastic, especially when eaten in the gorgeous natural ambience of Silay city’s heritage zone of Balay Puti.

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