Episode 9: Tough Decisions

It is the ultimate dilemma for Mariska, Tony, Tahanee, Honey and Samantha. Who will they choose for a second date? Will it be well mannered Kevin, manly Dan or funny Sean for Mariska? And who will be Honey’s pick? Will she choose talkative Shane, chilled Philippe or the “punny”, Marco? Will it be quirky Queenie, sunset-loving Jessie or gym-junkie Lyn for Tony? For Tahanee, she has a tough choice between the worldly Levi, her doppelganger Daymas, or the intriguing Pajay. Samantha has to choose between half-Filipino Alvin, handsome Dharrshen or smooth-talker Ilai. They reminisce about their journeys and their dates as they try to make the right choice.

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