Episode 6: Exploring Charming Cities & Finding Peace in New Places

Mariska is on her final date and is charmed by city slicker Sean who surprises her with a trip of a lifetime in Kuching! Tony meets his second date, Jessie, at a charming Dalat coffeeshop. With her love for flowers and sunsets, she is sure to get his mother’s seal of approval, but can she get his?

Tahanee, Honey and Samantha have a change of pace, to absorb the rugged paradise of their cities; Yogyakarta, Bohol and Kuala Lumpur. Tahanee goes beyond the usual tourist sights in Yogyakarta to uncover archery in a quaint village. Samantha meets a contemporary batik designer in Kuala Lumpur who offers her just the dating advice her questioning heart is seeking. At the peaceful Hinagdanan Caves in Bohol, an ill and overwhelmed Honey finally decides to read her mother’s letter.

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