Episode 1: Meet the 5 Looking for Love in New Cities

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Fiercely different, 5 travellers from 5 cities embark on a journey to seek new adventures and love. Mommy’s boy Tony, of Korean-Polish parentage, has just moved to Singapore from New York. He is used to dating Korean girls, but will the girls of Dalat sway him to explore outside of his usual dating preferences? Quirky and outspoken Tahanee from Kuala Lumpur hates the stereotype that hijabsters like herself are given. She is out to prove that there is more to her than meets the eye. Hopeless romantic Samantha from Manila knows what she wants but will she be able to find someone that can meet her family’s criteria too? Sassy Honey from Penang, is cautious when it comes to dating, will the walls finally come down as she travels long enough to let someone in? Free-spirited Mariska from Jakarta is a true blue musician and artist, ready for anything life throws her way. She travels down the river into the remote jungles of Sarawak to stay in a longhouse with an Iban tribe. There she meets her first date, Kevin.



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