What Not To Do On Your First Date

Honey, Samantha and Mariska reveal their dating rules on a first date.

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Samantha Del Ca...:         My rules on the first date are no kissing.

Honey Khanum:                Bring mints. Always carry mints with you.

Samantha Del Ca...:         No sloppy food.

Mariska Setiawa...:          Try not to go anywhere really fancy.

Honey Khanum:                Bad breath, not cute.

Mariska Setiawa...:          You see someone being creative when it gets spontaneous.

Samantha Del Ca...:         No slippers.

Honey Khanum:                And always drive yourself. You don't want creepy people to know where you live. What if the date doesn't go well?

Samantha Del Ca...:         And no friends on the first date.

Honey Khanum:                Shane was a perfect gentleman and he didn't break any of my dating rules. But ...

Shane:                                  I legit like ... I'm the kind of guy who wants ... For me, I'm happy go lucky. I do my job. I like to talk.

Honey Khanum:                I should have added a third rule. Listen. Don't talk so much.

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