Sarah's Asian Myths

Join Sarah Huang Benjamin as she tests out some of the best practices in Asian cooking and lets you in to the secret of getting the right taste for the right dish. Sarah will debunk all the must-dos when cooking some of the most basic dishes and be prepared to be surprised at some of the most crucial steps that you can actually leave out without compromising the most important factor, taste. Sarah will also bring you through some recipes that will require all the steps just like the the way grandma does. You can now create the same old traditional dishes with Sarah Huang Benjamin every Wednesdays at 1pm on Facebook Live @AsianFoodNetwork, premiering 23 September onwards. 


Beef Brisket and Tendon Stew

This Hong Kong-style dish plays off the meatiness of beef brisket against soft, gelatinous slow-cooked beef tendon. Accented with traditional Cantonese ingredients like nam yu fermented beancurd, this comforting stew packs a punch of complex flavour.

Classic Banana Cake

Maybe like me, you’ve wondered if you really do need overripe bananas to make a great loaf. After I tested this out, I discovered that yes, you do! The sweet, dense overripe banana flesh perfumes the cake with delicious banana aroma, and makes this classic recipe the perfect treat.

Chaliapin Steak Don

This dish really celebrates the humble onion – first by marinating the steak in chopped onions, then caramelising them for beautiful sweetness. The sauce, made from classic Japanese ingredients, coats the rice in meaty, oniony goodness.

Sarah's Asian Myths Episodes


Episode 1: Belacan, To Toast or Not To for The Perfect Sambal Tumis

This sambal tumis is a fragrant, spicy condiment and the perfect accompaniment for Malay or Peranakan cuisine. It becomes easier to make thanks to the shortcut of not toasting the belacan, but unfortunately, there’s no way around the long, slow frying process!

Episode 2: Mee Sua, Do We Really Have to Deep Fry It First?

This fragrant, stir-fried mee sua noodle dish features often on the celebration table of Hokkien families, because it requires quite a bit of technical skill to cook perfectly. It’s comforting, homely food that showcases mastery of the wok and temperature control, so make it for the people you love most.

Episode 3: Pasta a Good Substitute for Ramen?

This plant-based miso ramen recipe is easy to put together at home anytime, thanks to a wonderful noodle hack that turns angel hair pasta into chewy, silky ramen noodles. Paired with the flavourful, warming, creamy broth, this is comfort food at its finest.

Episode 4: The Mystery of Bouncy Prawns Solved

Getting those restaurant-quality bouncy prawns is all about marination. Rubbing salt in, and a little baking soda for extra bounce if you like, before stir-frying the prawns in aromatic basil and dried chilli is the secret to a delicious dish.

Episode 5: 15 Minute Fish Congee

Silky, warm rice congee is comfort food for many Asians, but it usually takes hours to get that perfect consistency. This hack creates a wonderful bowl of creamy congee in just 15 minutes by utilising the freezer, so you can make this cosy classic anytime.

Episode 6: You Can Now Recreate A Lawson Convenience Store Favourite - Tamago Sando

This crowd favourite may not sound traditionally Japanese, but for many people, a simple convenience store Tamago Sando is a highlight of their trips to the country. Simple ingredients come together with a new technique for creating hard-boiled eggs, that doesn’t involve boiling at all.

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