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Setting off from Singapore, the hosts of this travel and food show will take a trip around the world to explore the original source of ingredients of the food we are familiar with in our daily life. They will delve deep into and uncover the origins of the ingredients and how these ingredients affect the food culture of different countries including Singapore.


Yummy Wagyu Beef

Don’t watch this on an empty stomach because the absolutely mouthwatering visuals will leave your tummy growling! Pornsak savors beautifully marbled, lightly seared A5 Wagyu beef slice by slice, enjoying its melt-in-your-mouth flavors that’s unrivalled in terms of beef quality. He describes the subtle differences between the varying cuts of beef in between bites, and judging by how they glisten and ooze fats under the light. We have no doubt that every mouthful was better than the last.

Australian Black Truffles

Drizzle a little bit of truffle oil over your freshly made pasta or fries and…whoa! It gives the dish or snack an instant uplift in terms of heavenly aromas, that’s both musky and earthy. Truffle hunting is a fun process with Pornsak and the cute truffle dog, who can smell truffle from up to 100 meters away! Catch them in action and learn more about this rare and much coveted fungus in this short video.

Oysters in the Philippines

While many of us may enjoy freshly shucked oysters, these shellfish can also be turned into super flavorful dishes. Celebrity host Charlyn Lin shows you three different ways oysters can be fried up to satisfy different palettes. From an aromatic lemongrass banana leaf twist, dark and umami stir-fry and classic breaded deep-fried style, oysters hold up so well in both traditional Filipino and western bistro cooking methods.

Shao Xing Wine Cup Noodles

Been to Taiwan? Chances are, you might have seen this famous Shao Xing Wine Cup Noodles retailing on supermarket or convenience store shelves. The marriage between traditional Huadiao wine and cup noodles has definitely won over the hearts of Taiwanese with its comforting chicken flavors that are enhanced by the rich aromas of the Chinese rice wine. Celebrity host Pornsak takes you through the brief history of this instant noodle bowl and will definitely leave you craving for one by the end!

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