Hole In The Wall

Let our hosts bring you around for the best haunts you have to visit. Durian fish curry, delicious soon kueh and more. You'll find the best places to eat on Hole In The Wall.


Braised Duck

After an arduous search, Joanna finally chances upon Bangkok city’s best-loved Teochew restaurant, which only opens 3 hours a day to eager diners who fill up the tables in no time. The most popular dish – recommended by none other than the discerning locals themselves - is their braised duck. Tender and moist, it’s too easy to polish off an entire plate by yourself! Dip those slender pieces into the homemade sour and spicy sauce for a moreish flavorful kick.

Durian Fish Curry

Trace Jinglun’s food trail along the Pahang river and you’ll stumble upon one of Temerloh’s most famous restaurants, Kancil Raja Patin. One of their signature dishes is none other than the fermented durian patin catfish curry, which may look like a normal fish head curry but packs a whole different punch. In terms of flavors, Jinglun likens it to a clashing metal band – sour, spicy, bittersweet and salty on top of the pungent durian aroma. Are you bold enough to give it a try?

Soon Kueh

In terms of traditional Teochew dumplings in Singapore, there are three main kinds – Soon Kueh (Bamboo Shoots and Jicama Dumpling), Gu Chai Kueh (Chives Dumpling) and Png Kueh (Steamed Glutinous Rice Cake). Host Michelle Chia relives her childhood days growing up snacking on Soon Kueh as she takes her first bite. The soft, slightly chewy skin gives way to a tender and moist filling of bamboo shoots and bangkwang (jicama), infused with the slight sweetness of shrimps. Add on their homemade chili sauce and sweet sauce for an even more delightful foodie experience!

Yi Mian

Chopped chunks of fresh eel wok-tossed to perfection paired with an ocean-brine broth and ladled generously over Taiwanese egg noodles is the ultimate sweet and spicy combination that is well-loved by Tainan city’s locals. Even though the celebrity heyday has passed for these piping hot eel egg noodles, it still remains a favorite supper snack among locals. It’s hard to not crave these noodles as you watch host Zi Yi slurp them up with pleasure.

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