Frank's Ramen Reccomendations

Follow Frank from 5AM Ramen as he explores the best halal ramen in Japan, so you know the best go-to places when it comes to slurping up deliciously cooked noodles in broth!


5 Delicious Halal Ramen Shops in Tokyo

From shrimp to spicy chicken, don't miss these 5 super delicious halal ramen shops in Tokyo
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Naritaya Halal Ramen

On a cold winter day in Tokyo, ramen expert Frank Striegl is off to Asakusa, the birthplace of shoyu ramen, or soy sauce ramen. There, he hunts down a halal ramen shop dishing out tangy shoyu ramen, spicy miso ramen and a slurpy soupless ramen, known to locals as maze soba.

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