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Subtle, light and delicate. Known for its extremely high quality of local produce, it’s no wonder that Japanese dishes from all over this island country can amaze your senses with just a few key ingredients. Follow MasterChef Adam Liaw as he leads you through the exquisitely pretty landscapes of Japan with a trail of mouth-watering classic dishes. From the melt-in-your-mouth Hiyayakko -Dressed tofu to the crispy sweet “Nanbanzuke” Smelts, add a touch of culinary elegance and refined flavors to your dine-inoptionswith ease.


Japanese Smelts Nanbanzuke

The Nanbanzuke or “southern barbarian-style” of marinating actually originated with the Portuguese sailors that came to the south of Japan back in the 15th century. These sailors brought dishes like tempura and Castella, and this Nanbanzuke style of cooking is reminiscent of the Portuguese escabeche that the sailors would have had on their long sea voyages to Japan. This beautiful dish is light and crispy, with a hint of sweetness from the carrots and onions. According to Adam, the “simple but incredibly important Japanese stock” really brings out the flavors of this dish –get it right and you and your family can enjoy the umami taste of the sea.

Miso Soup and Charcoal Grilled Rice Balls

We often think of Japanese cuisine as being elaborate and refined, but it’s not all delicate sushi and kaiseki banquets. A simple bowl of miso soup and a grilled rice ball are the types of food that have served Japan for centuries. In many ways, the basic foods of Japan are just as charming as its fine dining. By going back to the basics, you can enjoy the complex textures of koshihikari rice (a premium short-grain rice) in this delightful snack. The aroma reminds Adam of the “nutty smell of popcorn” and we couldn’t agree more! Pair it with a warm miso soup on rainy, cold days to warm yourselves up.
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