By The Sea with Ili

Join Ili Sulaiman as she takes you on a gastronomical journey around the food cities of asia, from Thailand, Vietnam to Malaysia, follow along as she brings you the freshest seafood & the most delicious dishes each city has to offer.


Hoi An

Follow Ili as she visits Hoi An, a UNESCO heritage city as she learns how to cook the delicious, creamy coconut prawn curry from restuaranteur Ms Vy.

Da Nang

Home to the freshest seafood, Ili Sulaiman travels to Da Nang, Vietnam, & uncovers the flavours of Bun Cha Ca, a vietnamese noodle soup sweet from hours of brewing fish, vegetables & ingredients together.

Phuket: Steamed Crab with Seaweed Aioli

Phuket, an island teeming with fresh produce, & a bustling hub of people rushing to get the best seafood the island has to offer. Join Ili as she cooks up a delicious dish inspired by Phuket town itself - Steamed Crab with Seaweed Aioli.

Phuket: Barbecued Octopus

Also named the city of Gastronomy by UNESCO, Ili meets up with local Phuket guide & learns how to cook barbecued octopus, deliciously & tenderly cooked to keep in all its juicy flavours.


Ili travels to Malaysia as she bonds with local fishermen & shows how to catch fresh clams, cooked to charred perfection over an open fire, and whips up a deliciously easy lemongrass clam pasta.

Kuala Terrenganu

Ili visits Kuala Terrenganu, bustling city full of life & diverse culture. At the heart of its city centre, a lively chinatown. Ili's shows you how to cook Laksam, a dish inspired by Malay & Chinese cuisine, in a perfect bowl of flavour.

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