6 Modern-Indonesian Recipes To Cook At Home with Marinka

6 Modern-Indonesian Recipes To Cook At Home with Marinka

Follow beloved Indonesian chef Marinka in the kitchen as she whips up traditional Indonesia flavours modernised for the savvy home-cook

Beloved Indonesian chef and restauranteur Marinka whips up a belly of dishes inspired by her tropical island-hopping adventures across the country’s many islands. From a childhood sweet potato ball dessert, to a Balinese-inspired popcorn scallop, the MasterChef Indonesia judge shares traditional Indonesia flavours modernized for the savvy home-cook.

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1. Smoked Scallop with Popcorn Sauce: A Balinese Seaside Inspiration

“I was inspired by my trip from Gili, Lombok. There's smokiness and saltiness from the scallop and the sweetness from the popcorn sauce, it's a perfect combo. You can add a little bit of truffle oil to this dish. So I have beef bacon over here that you can add to this dish, but this is optional. But it's just gonna add a little bit of smokiness and the crunchiness to it as well.”

  • Watch Marinka's Smoked Scallop with Popcorn Sauce here

2. Sweet Potato Balls with Jackfruit: A Classic Asian Childhood Dessert

“I love this, this is like rainbows of flavours. Using potatoes, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, yellow potatoes, and its super easy, very sweet. I'm gonna put pandan leaves, or you might call it screw pine leaves. It's very fragrant, and it's very crucial for Asian desserts. If you don't have these kind of sweet potato, you can also replace it with pumpkin. It's sweet, creamy, nice and chewy, but soft at the same time.”

3. Chicken Curry Steak with Rojak Sauce: A Sweet-Sour-Spicy Surprise

“That might sound a little bit weird but it's a mixture of something sweet and curry. What I want for the rojak sauce is I want it to be sweet sticky, and spicy, and there is a bit of crunchiness from the peanuts. Some people might call it gula melaka in Singapore and Malaysia. Basically it's a palm sugar, I have about three tablespoon of tamarind water. And if you like your rojak to be strong, you can add shrimp paste or terasi. So the thing is with Asian or Indonesian food it might look like it's a lot of work, actually it's just a lot of ingredients. But I would say that's worth it. Layers upon layers, the taste is very complex, and, for me it is very satisfying.”

4. Cheesy Baked Eggplant Cigars: Gooey Veggie Goodness 

“And for lunch now, I want to make something easy and lots of fibres. What we do is that I want to draw all the liquid from the eggplants. It's just like sponge. Just flip it, so that everything, all of the mushrooms is covered with oil. I like to add chicken, you know, here so there is more protein to this. A little bit of mozzarella, just to make it gooey and more cheesy. Look at that, the cheese is melting. And it's brown. It's smells really cheesy and somehow. I can smell a little bit of miso there.”

5. Ubud Trifle: The Invigorating Lemongrass Spongecake

“Everyone loves trifle. This dessert has an Asian base, very fragrant and very nice. This is Ubud Trifle, because somehow, every time you go to Ubud. Everything is green, a lot of spices. So, I'm gonna make it with lots of Asian ingredients like lemon grass, and then ginger. Kiwi, passion fruit, and of course pandan sponge-cake. It might sound weird to make and lemon grass. But trust me it's gonna taste very complex, it's very layered and fusion I might say.”

6. Steak with Walnut and Blue Cheese: An Intense and Impressive Steak Dish

“So, that is like the perfect combo, it's my all-time favourite. I've always made this at home, it high in protein. You want to season the beef first. A lot of salt, just pour some salt over there, like that. Black pepper. And we have a tenderloin beef over here. I want the garlic and the shallots to be infused in the broth. This is perfect already. I'm gonna put the blue cheese and walnut on top of it. Just like that. So, if you have a blowtorch at home you can just blow torch a little bit of this. But not too long otherwise the butter will melt.”

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