At Home with Marinka

Join popular TV host and Chef Marinka in her new series for wholesome, hearty and personal recipes that are easy to whip up in any home kitchen!

Marinka shares secrets from her culinary experience and puts a modern and international twist on Indonesian favorites by combining the flavors of East and West together.

Viewers will find inspiration in transforming familiar dishes into works of art. These recipes don’t just taste good, they are simple to cook and plated in style.


Steak with Walnut and Blue Cheese

Tender juicy beef slices with a healthy salad. The blue cheese brings out the nutty flavour of the walnuts, with a creamy crunch that perfectly complements the beef.

Ubud Trifle

An easy dessert to prepare to impress your friends and family. Sweet, light and soft.

Cheesy Baked Eggplant Cigars

Easy, addictive and delicious, these cheesy eggplant cigars are what you need to make right now.

Chicken Curry Steak with Rujak Sauce

Flavourful and packs a punch, the rujak sauce comes together perfectly with the chicken curry steak.

Smoked Scallops with Popcorn Sauce

Crunchy, salty, savoury with the sweetness of scallops, join Marinka as she shows how to cook the delicious smoked scallops with popcorn sauce.

Sweet Potato Balls with Jackfruit

Easy, sweet and simple to make, these easy sweet potato balls with jackfruit is what you should be having right now.

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