What's on TV: 9 Must-Watch Travel & Food Shows of Thailand

What's on TV: 9 Must-Watch Travel & Food Shows of Thailand

Take a virtual trip to Thailand on TV when you tune in to our hit travel and food shows on Asian Food Network from 13 August, 9pm BKK/JKT, or 10pm SGT/HKT

Catch Missing Thailand, Missing Thai Food - a spread of 9 delicious food shows that transports you into Thailand, Thursdays, 9pm BKK/JKT (10pm SGT/HKT), starting 13 August 2020 on Asian Food Network. Plus, love Thai food? Join our Facebook Live cook-a-longs, where a Michelin-starred Thai chef shows you how to cook popular Thai dishes straight from Bangkok. 

What's On TV

1. At Home with Phol, 13 August 

Get up close and personal with Thai actor and celebrity, Phol Tantasathien as he shares a mix of authentic and modern Thai recipes. With a wealth of culinary knowledge and together with his passion for cooking, Phol is ready to show viewers how easy it is to make delectable Thai dishes with just a few ingredients on hand.

2. Home Cooked Asia: Thailand, 20 August 

Get up close and personal with Chefs Phol Tantasathien and Max Wittawat Jermsurawong as they share a mix of authentic and modern Thai recipes. With their passion for cooking, Chefs Phol and Max are all ready to show viewers how easy it is to make home-cooked Thai dishes with just a few ingredients on hand.

3. Inspired with Anna Olson, 20 August 

Anna Olson and award-winning Thai chef Ian Kittichai travels to Southeast Asia for a culinary journey that takes her from the street-food stalls to high-end restaurants. Anna discovers unique ingredients and is taught original techniques directly by local cooks and distinguished chefs.

4. Must Try Asia S1, 3 September

Sarah Huang Benjamin and celebrity chef, Malcolm Goh begin their journey across Asia for some of the region’s must try dishes! First stop is Bangkok, where they travel into the heartland to uncover the secrets of making an authentic Pad Thai! Chef Malcolm leads the way and brings Sarah to an exclusive restaurant on the west bank of Chao Phraya River to meet the chefs and taste their dishes. With their newfound knowledge, Sarah and Malcolm are ready to dish up their creative interpretations of the popular Thai dish at Berjaya University studio kitchen.

5. Must Try Asia S2, 3 September

Chiang Mai’s the laid-back, historical city of Northern Thailand. In this episode, Sarah Benjamin tries two of the city’s most iconic dishes, Khao Soianda sweet curry, Gaeng Hang Lay. Sarah learns about the influences on Chiang Mai’s unique cuisine, and the nuanced differences in palate between Chiang Mai and other parts of Thailand.

6. Asia Unplated with Diana Chan, 27 August 

Thai food is on the menu so Diana enlists the help of mentor and Thai food enthusiast, Gary Mehigan, who is an expert at striking the balance of salty, sweet and sour. After sampling Gary’s refreshing ‘Prawn Larb’, Diana explores the varieties of fresh Asian herbs at the Springvale market, before heading back to the kitchen to recreate a delicious dish she sampled on a recent trip, ‘Thai Yellow Crab Curry with Vermicelli Noodles’. To finish Diana cooks a moreish Thai appetizer of grilled pork neck known as ‘Nahm Jim Jaew’.

7. Jack Stein Inside the Box, 27 August 

Jack gets out of the city and catches up with Polly on a small batch pig farm to learn about where the love affair between pork and apples began. He then shows you his slightly updated version of the beloved pork bun & apple sauce. For a bit of a culture shock, Jack heads to the street food capital of SE Asia, where he meets a Thai chef known for controversially twisting local dishes. He takes Jack to a local street vendor to eat a risky looking raw meat dish, then takes Jack through a Northern Larb style spice explosion which, along with a late charcoal infusion, elevates this pork bun to a whole other level (even though it shrinks in size!)

8. The Travelling Chef S3, 10 September 

The Travelling Chef gives Brett’s passport a workout as he jets off to sample the menus of various countries. He’ll bring in expert local knowledge to source the tastiest elements of a special dish. In the search for freshness, Brett learns classic gathering techniques – sometimes he even has to catch his ingredients!

9. National Flavours, 17 September

Phad Thai, Mango glutinous rice and Tom Yum soup are hot international favourites. Is this success the result of many hardworking street vendors or an advantage enjoyed with the abundance of fresh produce? Go with Belinda Lee to soak up the Thai national flavours in this land of thousand smiles.

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