Review: Yaowarat Seafood Delivers on the Comforts of Thai Chinese Seafood Fare

Review: Yaowarat Seafood Delivers on the Comforts of Thai Chinese Seafood Fare

This unassuming spot in Serangoon transports diners to Bangkok’s bustling Chinatown with its well-executed offerings

One of the most important things to know about Yaowarat Seafood, an unassuming Thai Chinese spot in Serangoon, is that there are more than 10 ways to indulge in your favoured seafood.

Yaowarat sharing pots with crab or lobster. Photo: Jessica Chan

The old seafood grill - you know, the ones lining dangerously close to the roads of Bangkok’s Chinatown - is improved with a quartet of homemade chillies. The quintessential Thai-style Green Chilli choke full of garlic and coriander accentuated the smoked-kissed Yaowarat Seafood Combo (with crab or lobster). Carb fiends will appreciate the Yaowarat Tom Yum Mama Seafood Pot (with crab or lobster) with homemade Tom Yum broth or the Yaowarat XO Treasure Pot (with crab or lobster) that comes with a shot of Hennessy X.O cognac.

A selection of seafood from Yaowarat. Photo: Jessica Chan

The list goes on with their selection of XL Lobsters, Sri Lankan Crabs, Squid and fresh fish - choice of sea bass, cod fish or marble goby - in eight styles, such as steamed with Thai Garlic Lime Chilli, Steamed with Garlic Puree, Teochew-style and Fried with Mango Salad, to name a few. And that Steamed Red Egg Crab teeming with velvety crab roe is a must.

A bowl of seafood noodle soup from Yaowarat. Photo: Jessica Chan

Accompanying the lavish seafood offerings is an equally vast selection of Thai street favourites. It’s a two-way tie for the tender slivers of Deep Fried Garlic Pork and Pork Satay chargrilled with a proprietary honey marinade. Great on their own, but I won’t say no to a Mango Salad and a bucket of beers.

Cha Chu Chak Coconut Ice Cream. Photo: Jessica Chan

Unfortunately for my waistline, Yaowarat Seafood nailed their desserts. Cha Chu Chak Coconut Ice Cream, as the name suggests, is their over-the-top rendition of the weekend market’s famed ice cream store, while the Black Glutinous Rice Ice Cream was complemented with crunchy sweet corn.

The atmosphere at Yaowarat Seafood is what you’d expect from a neighbourhood spot. And with its hefty portions, it is precisely why it makes for a great spot to dine with friends and family.

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