Review: Top 5 Eats at Burger+

Review: Top 5 Eats at Burger+

In the heart of Orchard Road, lick your fingers at a kick-ass Korean burger chain with big flavours

This Singapore-based burger joint in Wisma Atria and Clark Quay Central doesn’t do subtle. It’s big Korean flavours for everything on the menu, especially its best-selling burgers and fries. Here are 5 of our recommended eats: 

1. The Truffle Burger

Truffle Burger, it's most expensive of 11 burgers at S$21, with truffle made three ways. Photo: Burger+

The Truffle Burger at S$21, is their most expensive but gives great reward. You bite into an unmistakeable smoky aroma of truffle, a triple-act of truffle puree, wild truffle shavings, and truffle mayo. In between all that though, there’s space for sizzling button mushrooms, sweet caramelised onions and always the star, a salted and seared fat-infused US-beef patty with dripping juice on butter-melted buns. But there are others too, 10 more in fact. Now most of their burgers are under $15, including its signature Cheese Burger and Korean Bulgogi Burger. Most popular add-ons range from S$2 to S$3, like truffle slices, bacon, cheese. You best eat this quick though, as the potato-flour buns are good in mouth but bad in the hand. Made in-house daily, they are exceedingly soft to bite into. But in the hand, it soaks through under oozing meat juices. 

2. Hot Yangnyeom Chicken

Hot Yangnyeom chicken, 6-piece. It's made from a traditional sweet-spicy Korean paste. Photo: Burger+

The Hot Yangnyeom chicken, is at once, sweet, spicy, and succulent. Yangnyeom is a Korean red paste made from gochujang, or hot pepper paste and brown sugar. And on the menu, it's described as “unforgettable hot burning spiciness”. We agree, after wiping our sweat, it's not for a rookie. Sweet ones include classic South Korean marinades of Soy Garlic, and Honey Chicken, both Burger+ signatures, coated in sticky and simple sweet soy sauce and the latter with added garlic, though faint. This finger-licking fare does get heavy rather quickly for an average eater. But if you’re someone who can keep up with the Korean's late-night diet Chimaek, short for “chicken” and “maekju = beer”, this spot might quickly make its way on your list. 

3. Truffle Fries 

Thick-cut truffle fries with cheese, truffle oil, truffle mayo. Photo: Burger+

Truffle fries is having more than a moment. And this one's quite the satisfying side- a heap of thick cut potato sticks with a big toss of truffle oil, savoury cheese shavings and truffle mayo. Or, if you're a fan of the lesser-known but equally wonderful garlic fries, show that some love. And, another winner from their sides, does anyone still do straight-up puffed prawn fritters nowadays? Well, they do, and really do make the age-old recipe to a chewy crisp. 

4. Egg Toast with Beef Bulgogi

The breakfast spread of egg toast with ham and cheese, egg toast with avocado, egg toast with bacon and cheese, , egg toast with beef bulgogi. Photo: Burger+

All-day breakfast is a neatly packaged pillowy warm sandwich, brim-full with continental eggs, ham, cheese and a hot Americano if you want a combo. We recommend the Egg Toast with Beef Bulgogi, a sweetly rich bulgogi mayonnaise with thinly sliced beef- a Korean specialty. 

5. Honey Avocado Milkshake 

Honey avocado milkshake (with whipped cream). Photo: Burger+

Many go for the Avocado Honey Milkshake and Hazelnut, both under S$10. The former really is a marriage of creamy, buttery fruit, and a drizzle of warming honey. This is better ordered as a dessert than a drink to go with your meal. They are seriously heavy, thick and incredibly filling, almost a meal of its own. And if your sweet tooth isn't satisfied, try the signature Woo Yu Jollypong ice-cream (under S$6), which makes for a crackling spoon-licking dessert. Woo Yu is essentially vanilla ice cream topped with Korean puffed-rice snack Jollypong. Others include the equally popular Woo Yu Injeolmi and Red Bean, vanilla ice-cream topped with chewy Korean rice cubes and red beans. 

What's the Bill? 

  • Burgers - S$7.90 – S$21 
  • Fried Chicken - S$9.20 – S$24.80
  • Side Dishes - S$4.50 – S$12.80
  • Sharing Platters - S$66.90 – S$189.90
  • Ice-Cream and Milkshakes - S$4.80 – S$12.80

Location and Hours

Wisma Atria 435 Orchard Road #01-37/38 Singapore 238877 

Clarke Quay Central 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-07 Singapore 059817 

  • Click here for latest opening hours


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