Review: Top 5 Eats at Vue

Review: Top 5 Eats at Vue

A scrumptious Asian fusion cuisine with rooftop views to savour

The saying “you eat with your eyes first” could not apply more to the breathtaking setting and mouthwatering menu this stunning rooftop restaurant in the heart of the central business district has to offer. Do bring along an empty stomach because you’ll need it!

Here are our top 5 taste bud tantalizers:

1. Norwegian Red King Crab Toast

The Norwegian Red King Crab Toast is almost too pretty to eat. Photo: Tessa

Avo toast lovers will be delighted with this twist on the classic brunch favourite. The Norwegian Red King Crab Toast, provides just the right start to your meal. Each bite of this open-faced sandwich is the perfect mix of creamy avocado, generous chunks of king crab meat sprinkled with little pops of saltiness from capers and salmon roe. Yuzu mayonnaise adds an additional layer of spring like freshness to this dish.

2. Norwegian Blue Mussels

Fill up on some fresh and plump Norwegian Mussels. Photo: Tessa

If you like your soups light and clear, this may want to go with different starter. But if you are all about bold, rich and hearty soups, this starter is sure to hit the spot. A decadent mix of potato and leek cream lies beneath a bed of fresh and plump Norwegian blue mussels, topped off with bottarga cured fish roe and herb oil in this savory soup wonderland. The sweetness from mussels sing in harmony with rich potato and leek cream and makes for a terrifically filling and satisfying bite.

3. Grilled New Zealand Ora King Salmon

The Grilled New Zealand Ora King Salmon is an absolute delightful eat guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Photo: Tessa

This grilled salmon dish is hands down one of the best mains on the menu. Cooked to perfection; the salmon boasts a layer of crisp skin, and plump flesh that is just the right amount of pink that makes it oh-so-tender. The rich morel beurre blanc sauce enhances the salmon further like a warm blanket of creaminess, enveloping the grilled salmon perfectly. This is accompanied by a side of charred asparagus and succulent clams that work together to form a cohesive plate of savoury goodness. It has great portion sizing to allow just enough room for your two other courses. If you are feeling like indulging, tipple a little white wine to accompany your catch of the day.

4. Braised Australian “Red Hill Farms” Veal Shank

The Braised Veal Shank serves up flavour in bags. Photo: Tessa

From the sea, we go to land for our next main on the list. To say this is a hearty main would be an understatement, this main offers up meat of behemoth proportions. If you are a big eater, this is the main for you. The braised veal shank comes with a generous helping of hand-mashed purple sweet potatoes and is slathered in “sake kasu” veal jus. Sake kasu are the lees leftover from sake production that when combined with the veal jus, elevates the sauce to another level. Braised over an extended period of time, the meat falls off the bone, you wouldn’t even need a knife for this. Roasted chickpeas add an element of earthiness to the sweetness from the potato mash and sauce, it also lends itself as a nice balance of textures with the crunch that it brings. As a bonus, this goes really well with a glass of red if you are in the mood for wine. 

5. Salted Caramel Éclair

End your meal on a sweet note with this elegant Salted Caramel Éclair. Photo: Tessa

We recommend capping off your lunch trail with a sweet treat in the form of this Salted Caramel Éclair. The éclair boasts a buttery homemade craquelin choux pastry. A craquelin is pastry is similar to brioche, but with the added flair of crumbed sugar baked into the dough for a tasty topping that provides a perfect crunch when you bite into it The éclair comes filled with a luxurious salted caramel crème pâtissier, topped off with some chocolate ganache and caramelized hazelnuts. And that’s not all, its dessert also comes with a side of vanilla ice cream. Pair this dessert with a nice cup of coffee and you’re all set for the rest of the day. 

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