Review: Top 5 Eats at Tim Ho Wan

Review: Top 5 Eats at Tim Ho Wan

At Marina Bay Sands, eat exclusive Tim Ho Wan creations like lobster fried carrot cake, bird's nest dessert and truffle-topped dim sum

With five exclusive dishes only for their APAC flagship restaurant in Marina Bay Sands Singapore, you are definitely coming back Tim Ho Wan again. These five dishes are Chef Mak’s special repertoire of off-menu creations reserved for his VIP guests, but diners like you can now enjoy them too! Not only can you get the usual dim sum selections and the five exclusive dishes, but their MBS outlet also serves a selection of high quality white and red wines to go along with the sumptuous spread. If you are lucky enough, you can also experience dining in their VIP rooms available.

With that, here are 5 of our recommended eats:

1. Maine Lobster Radish Cake [MBS exclusive]

The Maine Lobster Radish Cake priced at $19.80, is one of Chef Mak’s special creation. Not only are there large chunks of Premium American lobster meat, but there are also generous chunks of fresh sweet radish, it is definitely worth every cent spent. The lobster is chewy and slightly spongy in texture, and there is also a noticeable sweet aftertaste. We are huge fans of radish cakes and their radish cake has the crispy outer layer and a soft, crunchy inner layer due to the large chunks of radish bits. Topped with some chili padi a little spicy kick and a fiery wok hei taste, this radish cake dish is topping my list.

2. Black Truffle and Quail Egg Siew Mai [MBS exclusive]

Luxury Version of Siew Mai - topped with Black Truffle Shavings and stuffed with tender quail egg. Photo: Tim Ho Wan

The Black Truffle and Quail Egg Siew Mai ($10.80) is a luxury version of Tim Ho Wan’s signature Siew Mai. Not only is there a generous portion of black truffle shavings on top of the siew mai, but there’s also a hidden surprise stuffed inside.  It’s not just a quail egg, but it’s a soft-boiled quail egg. Yes, you didn’t hear wrongly, upon biting into the Siew Mai, the egg yolk will burst into your mouth. It’s truly a unique and luxurious dish as it requires long hours of preparation, acute precision, and fire control to achieve the perfect tender quail egg within the savory Siew Mai. For those who are not a huge fan of truffle, be rest assured that the truffle taste isn’t too overpowering and worth ordering.  

3. Baked BBQ Pork Buns

Crispy polo bun crust on the outside with a generous char siew filling on the inside. Photo: Tim Ho Wan.

No meal at Tim Ho Wan is complete without their signature Baked BBQ Pork Bun, priced at $7.30. With a delectable crispy polo crust on the outer layer, and a favorable mouth-watering and tender char siew filling inside, it’s a match made in heaven. Both layers complement each other so well and they do not skimp on their fillings. This dish needs no explanation, you got to try it for yourself to understand why it’s one of the ‘Big 4 Heavenly Kings’ in Tim Ho Wan.

4. Bird Nest on Double Boiled Ginger Milk [MBS exclusive]

Time to pamper yourself with a bowl of Bird Nest on Double Boiled Ginger Milk! For the price of $11.80, you get a creamy milk custard made from three different kinds of milk. There is also a hint of ginger in the bowl, however, it is not too overpowering, perfect for non-ginger lovers like us! This heart-warming bowl of dessert is not only healthy, but it also has low-sugar content. Garnished with beauty-enhancing bird nest as a finishing touch, what’s there to complain about? A healthy and nourishing dessert, perfect for everyone and anyone!

You can also enjoy other MBS exclusive dishes such as Abalone with Steamed Chicken Nets Buns ($14.80) and Premium Crab Roll ($11.80).

5. Chrysanthemum Aloe Vera Jelly

Finally, end off your meal with a bowl of Chrysanthemum Aloe Vera Jelly. It is perfect dessert for everyone, be it the young or the old as it is not too sweet and instead, very refreshing.  Priced at $5, you get a bowl of chilled Chrysanthemum Jelly, Aloe Vera and tiny cubes of sour plum, which balance out the taste. This is just what you need after every meal, be it heaty, oily or hearty, it suits all occasion.

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