Review: Top 5 Eats at Singapore Seafood Republic

Review: Top 5 Eats at Singapore Seafood Republic

This outlet in Singapore features over 70 celebrated dishes that encapsulates the island city’s rich heritage in seafood cuisine

When it comes to seafood, let’s face it; we are spoilt for choices. So, when an establishment like Singapore Seafood Republic combines the crème de la crème dishes from four of Singapore’s best-loved seafood dining brands, this establishment would be a no-brainer option for that celebration dinner or just to get your seafood fix. Singapore Seafood Republic first made its foray in Tokyo before inaugurating an outlet in Singapore at the iconic Resorts World Integrated Resort. The outlet in Singapore features over 70 celebrated dishes that encapsulates the island city’s rich heritage in seafood cuisine. As the name suggests, seafood is the promise and that too of the highest quality, wrapped in innovative and mouth-watering fare.

1. Fish Skin Deep Fried with Golden Salted Egg

Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin from Jumbo at Singapore Seafood Republic. Photo: Singapore Seafood Republic/Jumbo

Who doesn’t love salted egg? Who doesn’t love fish skin? Now, let’s put them together…have we got your attention? Fish Skin Deep Fried with Golden Salted Egg and Lime Zest is exactly as it’s described; crisp deep-fried fish skin enveloped with creamy salted egg yolks. The fried fish skin are not the usual small bites you might be used to, these are generous sized and makes munching and crunching them so addictive.  

2. White Pepper Mud Crab

Photo: Singapore Seafood Republic

While most people are familiar with black pepper crabs, this is the lesser known cousin; White Pepper Mud Crab. The crab is so sweet and comes off the shell easily which just proves to show of the fresh seafood you can expect here. The mud crab is wok fried in a marinade of premium quality white pepper that delivers a robust, savoury experience. The white pepper sauce has the right balance of pepper with that hint of smokiness, without overpowering the crab. Spice lovers, you’ll be licking the sauce off your fingers, and die-hard black pepper fans, you might be converted. “White pepper crab, we just might love you more than black pepper crab…shhhhh”

3. Boston Lobster Coco Lobo

Photo: Singapore Seafood Republic

The Boston Lobster Coco Lobo is a creamy whole lobster stew… yes, a whole lobster! This award-winning dish is a variation of the classic Tom Yum Seafood Soup. The broth is enhanced with simmering lobster shells to bring out the natural sweetness, and then further intensified with the use of lime, chilli oil, milk and other spices, creating a creamy seafood broth that is rich and smooth. Surprisingly, the broth is very light, and the lime juice adds a distinctive layer of light, fresh, tangy flavour which is refreshing indeed. Glass vermicelli and the lobster are perfect complements to the broth. The vermicelli absorbs all the favour from the broth, you’ll be slurping away those noodles. The lobster is gorgeously fresh, succulent, sweet, and everything you could ask for in a prized crustacean. This is a sharing dish that’s sure to warm your tummy and delight your palette.

4. Deep Fried Deshelled Prawns with Wasabi-Mayo

Photo: Singapore Seafood Republic

Fresh crunchy peeled prawns are deep fried and tossed in a creamy concoction of salad cream and wasabi in this appetiser. If you’re not a fan of wasabi, fret not, you’re not going to experience the sharp, potent tingle from the usual wasabi. We were pleasantly surprised with the subdued nuance of wasabi, in this creamy concoction. The prawns are big enough, allowing you to savour that creamy mayo with each luscious bite. The small ($26) is good enough to share with a couple of friends and worth every cent. This is simply a delectable dish and a crowd pleaser, and we are already thinking about our next visit here just to have this again!

5. Braised Rice Noodles with Freshly-Peeled Crab Meat

Photo: Singapore Seafood Republic

When this dish arrives at the table, don’t be fooled by the simplicity of it. The aroma is the first thing that hits you; fragrant sesame oil and fried shallots. Topped with lavish chucks of freshly peeled crab meat, the rice noodles are braised in a superior stock boasting the sweet flavours of seafood and leek. The wok hei strong and we are most definitely not complaining. The sesame oil accentuates the dish all around. The rice noodles are moist and pick up all the wonderful flavours from the stock, you can literally eat them on their own; this is not an exaggeration. The nice big chucks of crab absorb the briny seafood essence from the broth, converting this humble looking dish into a masterpiece.

Location: Sentosa Gateway 26 #02-138, Festive Walk, Singapore 098138

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