Review: Top 5 Eats At SENS

Review: Top 5 Eats At SENS

Located at the basement of Raffles Holland Village Mall, let SENS whisk you away to Japan without taking a flight

SENS offers an exceptional selection and excellent quality of contemporary Japanese Cuisine in a class of its own at affordable pricing. Being located at the basement allows diners to enjoy their meals without any disturbance.

Here are 5 of our recommended eats:

1. Aburi Maki

Oiishi Maki - one of three types of Aburi maki topped with special homemade sauces. Photo: SENS

How can we forget about Maki whenever we pay a visit to any Japanese restaurant! At SENS, their Chef has specially created an exquisite summer collection of Maki enlivened by his special homemade sauce, namely – Umami Makai, Sugoi Maki, and Oishii Maki. Out of the three different Maki, Sugoi Maki caught our attention. Century egg sauce? Yes, you heard it right. Many, including myself, are not a fan of century eggs due to its acquired taste, but the century egg taste in this sauce is subtle and pleasing to the taste bud! Not only is the Maki drenched with century egg sauce and studded with tobiko, but they also use premium ingredients such as salmon, scallop and king fish. Priced at $15.50, it is worth your money! For foie gras lovers, you can give Umami Maki ($17.50) a try! The piquant and rich note of the liver is paired with the buttery flavor of the creamy avocado, while the rice is sprinkled with Japanese furikake, and topped with glistening globes of tobiko. Lastly, for those who are not that adventurous and love your good ol’ Maki, do try their Oishii Maki. Fried Ebi paired with avocado and finished with tobiko, what else can go wrong! A little twist here would be the special sweet apple sauce which brings the flavor up a notch, it is equally good!

P.S. They are really generous with the amount of topping given, just look at the photo!

2. Garlic Fried Rice

Fragrant Garlic Fried Rice with a buttery after taste. Photo: SENS

The Ninniku Chahan, also known as Garlic Fried Rice, comes in a decent portion for two even though it is categorised under sides. The premium Japanese rice grains used allowed the rice to be fluffy and moist without sticking to each other. Every spoonful of rice is accompanied with plenty of fried garlic, but we agreed that it wasn’t too overpowering and instead, it gave an additional crunch. The rice was extremely flavorful with a fragrant buttery aftertaste, we can still imagine ourselves order this again.

3. Sashimi Sushi Platter

Thick fresh cut of various sashimi. Photo: SENS

We love sashimi by itself, but we also love it on sushi. The sashimi was very fresh, and they were extremely generous with their servings, with a thick cut for each sashimi slice. 

There are many other variations of sashimi (ranging from $10 to $22) available to choose from, such as Magurom (tuna) or Hamachi (yellow tail). For all sashimi lovers, it’s time you give this place a visit.

4. Chuka Udon

A refreshing bowl of Chuka Udon served cold. Photo: SENS

The Chuka Udon is certainly a dish to surprise. Served cold with a tangy broth is that not too overpowering, the Chuka Udon showcases a medley of crab meat, egg, prawn, sliced cucumber and Champagne ham (pork). Mix these ingredients up with the Udon, you will be greeted with a tangy but, yet refreshing flavor that gets you asking for more. Not only were all the ingredients used in the dish thinly sliced and fresh, but the Udon used is also specially imported from Japan and is slightly thinner than the usual Udon that most of us are familiar with. This helps to alleviate the overall taste of the dish. You can also find other hot/cold Udon and Soba selections in their menu with ingredients such as Gyu (beef), Kamo (duck) ranging from $8 to $18.80.  

5. Dried Fugu Mirin Boshi

Don’t let this unassuming dish fool you! We had zero expectations when a plate of Dried Fugu Mirin Boshi (Dried Puffer Fish with Mayo & Tobiko) was served to us. But little did we know, we actually enjoyed this a lot. We both agreed that this is an appetitzer that we won’t order prior to this dining experience. The puffer fish was cut into small pieces and upon the first bite, it taste similar to Bak kwa. Yes, that salty-sweet dried meat that we consume during Chinese New Year. Even though some may find it a little too dry, but dip it in the Mayo and Tobiko provided at the side, it completes the taste. 

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