Review: Top 5 Eats at Kam’s Roast

Review: Top 5 Eats at Kam’s Roast

Hong Kong's Michelin-starred roast meats are priced inexpensively, with the eatery just a short walk from Orchard Station

Hong Kong's famous Michelin star awarded roast meat restaurant in Pacific Plaza is varied, inexpensive and all-round delicious. Here are our top five recommended eats.

1. Roast Duck

Bite into the most iconic roasted duck meat Kam’s Roast has to offer. Photo: Kam's Roast

Hailing straight from Hong Kong, it is their famous roast duck! With the same standard and quality as Hong Kong’s flagship outlet, this roast duck is not there to disappoint. The skin is slightly crispy and surprisingly thin with a very nice fragrance. The saltiness from the skin blends amazingly with the juices from the duck meat. It is meaty and tender, but not dry at all. 

2. ‘Toro’ Char Siu

A must try in Kam’s Roast, this is way different from other ‘char sius’ you normally eat. Photo: Kam's Roast

It is one of the picks in Kam’s Recommendations in the menu, and this is our top pick as well. It is made with premium pork belly, which explains the difference from other ‘chair sius’. Although it may be a little fattier than the usual ‘char sius’, you cannot deny that the thicker meat actually has way more juice and soaks up the marinate better. The meat is barbequed to just the right texture so it will seem like the meat is melting in your mouth as you eat it. The premium pork belly in this is certainly worth the money, and the title of premium. 

3. BBQ Pork (Char Siu)

A leaner option compared to ‘Toro’ Char Siu. Photo: Kam's Roast

If you are not a fan of the fattier ‘char sius’, fret not. There are the regular ‘char sius’ available as well. Known as the BBQ Pork (Char Siu), this char siu is skinner yet as fragrant as the ‘Toro’ Char Siu. The sauce is just as delightful, and the main difference would just be the texture of the meat. If you appreciate something a little thinner, you would love the BBQ Pork (Char Siu).

4. Crispy Roast Pork

Your meal is not complete if you are missing this fried deliciousness on your table. Photo: Kam's Roast

There's nothing like the crisp crunch of crackling pork skin here. The meat itself is not as salty as the skin but way more fragrant and offers a playful contrast to the crisp skin. It is juicy and tender at the same time, just like how the rest of their meats are. 

5. Braised Noodles with Shrimp Roe

This unique dish, if you don't want rice, is great to start your meal with. Photo: Kam's Roast

If you are tired of just eating rice, try the Braised Noodles with Shrimp Roe. The shrimp roe pops in your mouth and there's a generous dollop of it so you definitely would eat some roe with every spin of noodles. Our recommendation? Pair it with delicious roast duck or the ‘Toro’ Char Siu. The springy thin egg noodles soak up all the flavours, its taste from the noodles is so light that it does not overpower the meat but still makes its presence known. Just a tip; it may get a little dry once it has cooled down. However, just drizzle a little soup over the top and it will be fine.

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