Review: Top 5 Eats At Black Marble By Otto

Review: Top 5 Eats At Black Marble By Otto

Love grilled Western food? You'll have a great time at this restaurant right in the heart of Holland Village

Black Marble is the latest F&B concept by Chef Otto Weibel, one of the most respected veterans in the F&B industry of Singapore. Specializing in grilled western eats, this restaurant at Holland Village offers well cooked and plated cuts, from crispy pork belly to steak, to lamb and even to seafood, you will find something you like.

1. The Sea Platter

The Sea Platter is priced at $88, big enough to share between you and your plus one. Photo: Zeann Christina Lee

Hands down, this is one of the most worth-it items on the menu. Huge enough to share between two people, this platter has mussels, lobster tail, tiger prawn, octopus and salmon trout. It's stuffed with cheese, and the slight sourness of it compliments the tentacle extremely well. The salmon is incredibly tender, and has soaked up juices from other ingredients placed above it, making it a delight. Remember to squeeze on the lemon, for that dab of fruity zest. If seafood is not up your alley, they also have a sharing meat platter. 

2. 45 days Dry-aged Bone-in Ribeye

The 45days Dry-aged Bone-in Ribeye is aged in-house with Himalayan salt, giving it an amazing rich flavor. Photo: Zeann Christina Lee

The 45 Days Dry-aged Bone-in Ribeye is aged in-house with Himalayan salt. It's tender, juicy and melt-in-your-mouth, with a plomb of flavours that come out the more you eat. Be sure to have it with loads of black pepper mushroom port wine sauce. The sauce itself is not very strong and it is surprisingly sweet even with black pepper in it. It does not overpower the steak and pairs wonderfully. We think though, the steak itself is so good, you can eat it without the sauce. If you prefer a tougher cut, opt for the 30 days dry-aged t-bone steak instead.

3. Grain-fed Lamb Rack

Priced at $38, the Grain-fed Lamb Rack is considered as an amazing steal that is served in the store. Photo: Zeann Christina Lee

The Grain-fed Lamb Rack is one of the cheapest grilled specialties on the menu. For those that are not fans of lamb meat due to how gamey it may taste, don’t be afraid to take a bite of this dish. There is no strong gamey taste, allowing you to enjoy how tender the meat is. 

4. Lobster & Scallop Saffron Risotto

This risotto is filled with cheese and so thick, it is great to share this dish with someone. Photo: Zeann Christina Lee

The Lobster & Scallop Saffron Risotto is really one of a kind. The dish may look heavy, but it really isn't. It's more of strong, seeping umami blended with a light creaminess. Chunky lobster and scallop bits are the much needed brine-y taste to this dish and offer a playful contrast of textures between soft, bouncy, dense and melty. 

5. Pan-Seared Foie Gras

Last but not least, the Pan-Seared Foie Gras is priced at $24 that is paired with roasted duck breast for maximum flavor. Photo: Zeann Christina Lee

The Pan-Seared Foie Gras could be salty with the first bite but just pair it with the slow-roasted duck breast meat and it becomes a whole other delicacy. The duck meat balances out the saltiness and helps to bring out the aroma from the foie gras. Adding on, the port wine & blueberry compote that is right on top of the foie gras is slightly sweet, making this dish both sweet and savory. That is the best of both worlds and definitely satisfying many needs with just this simple appetizer for a starter. Opening up your appetite, you will definitely be ready for the dishes we have listed above.

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