Review: Old School Delights At Esplanade Makes Childhood Favourites Shine

Review: Old School Delights At Esplanade Makes Childhood Favourites Shine

This homely spot’s brilliance is its obsession over simple pleasures, done right

Old School Delights’ lengthy menu - designed like A5 exercise books - is for locals as much as travellers to experience our childhoods’ greatest hits. This stalwart of Singapore’s multi-cultural classics began with a family recipe for Mee Siam, circa 2010, providing what it means to dine like a local in the glitzy Fullerton Bay area, sans the sticker shock.

Nasi Lemak Supreme. Photo: Jessica Chan

The highlight of my first meal there, and one I’d enjoy in memory weeks later, was the sweet, smoky sambal that accompanied the Nasi Lemak Supreme. Teeming with caramelised onions, with just enough fresh chilies to give it that signature lingering zing. A close second was the fabled Mee Siam that is based on a proprietary blend of 11 spices - a 30 year old family recipe - with tamarind and tau chiu (salted soy bean).

Mee Siam. Photo: Jessica Chan

Return visits saw a heart-warming Laksa D’Lite with housemade rempah that’s been simmering for two hours, and the unassuming Old School Grilled Chicken Chop. Marinated with black pepper and herbs overnight, it comes with a tangy yet piquant black pepper and mayo sauce. Hint: You’ll want to ask for an extra serving of that.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cake. Photo: Jessica Chan

I was looking forward to the homemade desserts, ranging from towering cakes to hawker classics. The Chendol lived up to its promise, with chewy handmade pandan noodles and the earthy aromas of gula melaka and the thirst-quenching Bandung-Dinosauress with a Insta-worthy baby pink hue.

While not everything at Old School Delights is to be raved about, there are numerous delicious picks to win even the finickiest of eaters over.

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