Review: In Bad Company

Review: In Bad Company

This beer bar offers so much more than craft beers

Usually, the food isn’t always a great proposition at craft beer bars, or even just bars in general. Sure, you get the occasional place where the food is really great and paired to match the beers on offer, but that’s the exception, not the norm. At In Bad Company though, there are more than enough beers that no matter what you eat or what kind of beer you like, there’s something for you.

The beers rotate every three weeks, and managing partner Robin Thang explains that their aim is to be a community bar that can bring everybody together. In the afternoons, it’s a casual place where families can drop by for lunch. But at night, the lights, music and even mood changes to really make it feel like a bar.

Tofu Cubes. Photo: Cheryl Tan

We started off with the Tofu Cubes, and even for someone who doesn’t quite enjoy tofu, this was an easy dish to finish. The lightly seared skin was thin and had a slight crispiness, adding some much needed texture to the soft tofu. But the glaze was the star of the dish. An apple honey glaze is drizzled all over, adding a tart savouriness that tapers off into sweetness from the honey. This is definitely very reminiscent of Japanese cold tofu dishes, albeit with an unconventional sauce.

Crispy Chicken Skin. Photo: Cheryl Tan

Next up is the Crispy Chicken Skin and boy, was it good. Drizzled with the same sticky apple honey glaze, you get crispy skin that crackles in the mouth. The sauce works even better here, since it’s needed to cut the oily mouthfeel. That being said though, the pieces of skin aren’t too greasy, and won’t leave you feeling like an exercise session is required ASAP.

Of course, we can’t go this far without trying some beers. We had the wild IPA from Brewlander, Love, which is one of my personal favourites, as well as a hazy IPA from Heretic, Juicier Than Thou. Love ($14) is an IPA made with wild yeast, resulting in an intense fruity flavour with underlying notes of mango and passionfruit.

Juicier Than Thou. Photo: Cheryl Tan

Juicier Than Thou is similar, with a prominent mango flavour that isn’t quite as strong as it smells. Hints of melon and pineapple come through on occasion, and the flavours eventually subside into a grassy hoppy aftertaste that doesn’t linger on the tongue. If you’re a fan of tropical fruit flavours in a beer, this is definitely one to try.

Prawn to be Wild. Photo: Cheryl Tan

Moving on to the mains, the Prawn To Be Wild is a must-try. Aglio olio linguine is combined with plump tiger prawns, tobiko, green wasabi-flavoured tobiko, black caviar, sweet pork floss, furikake and chilli for this delectable dish.

This definitely isn’t for people who can’t handle spicy foods, however. The spice level on this is definitely above average, and my dining partner was sweating but she couldn’t stop herself from reaching out for yet another forkful.

The prawns are fresh and springy, and you get tobikobursting open with every bite because of how generously the flying fish roe is heaped over the dish. The caviar also adds a bit of salinity to the dish, while the sweet pork floss adds an interesting contrast to the smoothness of the pasta. The chilli makes this dish extremely appetising, and you definitely shouldn’t leave without trying this.

Any Fin. Photo: Cheryl Tan

If crustaceans aren’t your thing, try Any Fin Is Possible. Miso glazed barramundi is seared and served atop a butternut squash puree with shimeji mushrooms and stalks of asparagus. The fish is fresh and flakey with a strong taste of the miso glaze, but I thought the skin could be a bit crisper.

The shimeji mushrooms are roasted nicely, and add excellent depth with their earthy flavour. I had high hopes for the butternut squash puree, but I found it to be a bit on the thin side. The asparagus stalks added crunch to the dish, and a nice pop of green. The cherry tomatoes weren’t charred as mentioned in the menu, but added acidity to the dish. Don’t forget to squeeze the lemon over to brighten up the dish!

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