Review: Good Vibes Only at alittle Tashi

Review: Good Vibes Only at alittle Tashi

Excellent dishes infused with fusion Asian elements make up the bulk of the menu at Singapore's alittle Tashi

It’s even in the name. Tashi is a tibetan word meaning “auspiciousness” and is commonly used as a greeting in Tibet and Bhutan. alittle tashi was so-named because the owner believes that everything is a blessing. You’ll see this idea echoed all the way even down to the water, which is said to be energised with a special widget using vibrations to change the structure of the water to be more revitalising.

Spiced Glazed Veal Sweetbread. Photo: alittle Tashi

If you’re confused by the mention of organic aged toast in the Spice Glazed Veal Sweetbread ($20), you’ll be forgiven. Prior to this, I have never encountered aged bread before. But it was explained to me that the housemade bread is kept covered, then aged in the freezer for a month before it’s toasted for the dish, resulting in a soft centre with a slight chew. Veal sweetbread is heaped on top with the salty glaze clinging onto the bread, making for a delicious bite. Thin leaves of crispy fried kai lan garnish the dish, and adds just a hint of bitterness that helps to alleviate the heaviness of the glaze.

Chicken Liver Parfait. Photo: Cheryl Tan

We continued on with the Chicken Liver Parfait ($18), which looked more like a dessert than a savoury dish. An almond and orange sugee is sat upon the chicken liver mousse with a mulled wine sauce at the bottom, almost resembling a moat around a castle. The sugee cake was moist and browned just right, with sweetness and nuttiness coming from the almond. There was also a touch of citrusy notes from the orange, and that paired perfectly with the creamy liver mousse.

But maybe you just want a light bite to go along with wine or beer? The Crispy Baked Chicken Skin ($10) is the perfect option. With a marinade in just salt before being cooked in the oven for 30 minutes to render out the fat, these sheets are heaven in a bite without being too greasy or sinful. Crisp, savoury and incredibly moreish, there’s also a hint of lemon zest for a bit of freshness. If you only have the stomach for one dish, I think this should be it.

I’m a big fan of brussels sprouts, but I can understand why it’s not a vegetable that many prefer. If they aren’t caramelised enough, you get that bitter flavour that’s unpleasant, but when properly done, it’s absolutely delicious. While the Charred Brussel Sprouts ($16) doesn’t make for the most beautiful looking dish, the depth of flavour is there. There’s a dollop of tempeh cream at the side that adds a bit of tanginess and richness to the dish, so don’t forget to dip those sprouts into the cream.

Sauteed Squid & House Cured Pork Belly. Photo: Cheryl Tan

For a seafood dish, the Sauteed Squid & House Cured Pork Belly ($28) won’t disappoint. Strips of squid are sauteed but still remain tender, and the bits of pork belly add saltiness. The most intriguing element was the bright yellow turmeric fish roe, adding an earthy taste to the dish. There’s also a cream sauce under that’s slightly zesty thanks to the use of the lime zest.

For the Roasted Veal Marrow dish, chopped mushrooms are cooked down and slathered over a large veal marrow bone. The soft, gelatinous marrow pairs beautifully with the gooey sauce, and the mushrooms add a nice meaty texture to the dish. Break off a bit of the flatbread and you’ve got another excellent bar bite. There’s also a small bed of leek hay under, which has been slightly charred and serves to add a nice freshness to the dish.

Pandan Custard. Photo: Cheryl Tan

Moving on to the end of the meal, we had the Pandan Custard ($10) that’s essentially a creme brulee, but pandan flavoured. It’s a simple dessert, but the caramelised sugar layer was the perfect thickness, cracking open easily at the slightest pressure with the spoon. The custard was a beautiful light green, and pandan aficionados will be delighted with the flavour.

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