Review: Chinese Bar-Restaurant with Family Friendly Food at Le Fusion Singapore

Review: Chinese Bar-Restaurant with Family Friendly Food at Le Fusion Singapore

Indulge in braised abalone seafood rice, chilli crab pasta and other local favourites made modern at the Singapore River

When you enter Le Fusion, you'll be struck by its haute Asian wall-art and neon-lit atmosphere. But sit down and look at the menu, and you'll find that the modern Chinese bar-restaurant is more family-friendly than it looks. 

Asian Crusted Provencal Lamb Rack ($46). Photo: Le Fusion

We'll save the best for the first. The Asian Crusted Provencal Lamb Rack ($46) is divine, tender, melting and oozing with herbs, mandarin orange skins and a bit of heat from Sichuan peppercorns. The Australian meat works wonderfully well with the highly punctuated flavours of buzzing numbing peppercorns and mandarin orange skins that lift the dish up a notch. The entire table lapped this up almost without pause. 

Imperial Double-Boiled Soup ($28). Photo: Le Fusion

Next up, the traditional Chinese soup, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, is given an alcoholic edge, with a pour of Nu Er Hong rice wine. And if you've ever had Chinese wine, you'll know how well it goes with Chinese soups. This one isn't an exception. If you fancy alcohol, pour the small vial of the sweet wine into the Imperial Double-Boiled Soup ($28) that's packed with smooth abalone, scallop, mushroomy dried oyster and sweetly-scented wolfberries. The whole thing is quite an expert balance of flavours, brought to another level by the rice wine. 

Braised Abalone Seafood Rice ($38). Photo: Le Fusion

This Braised Abalone Seafood Rice ($38) is essentially a comforting bowl of Mui Fan, with more indulgent ingredients of Tasmania 6-head abalone, scallops, fish, squid, mussels and prawns. You see what we mean. Nearly the whole ocean, short of crabs, are in there. It satisfies though, and an intergenerational-pleaser for sure. What pulls this rice bowl together is the savoury, umami consomme, thickened into a brown gravy and drenched over the rice. Taste-wise, it's similarly delicious to those whipped up by a seasoned neighbourhood Mui Fan hawker. The sparkle really lies in their ultra-luxe ingredients.

Trio Paste ($34). Photo: Le Fusion

If you like variety, this Trio Pasta ($34) plate is quite the treat of East and West. You might go the middle one first, it's a familiar Singapore flavour - the chilli crab. Then, twirl up the nutty, grassy, minty pesto pasta for a good balance of flavours. And finally, the old favourite, squid ink is a safe-bet that simply pleases. While all the flavours were strong and quite individual, the whole thing was a tad dull after some time. 

Panna Cotta with Sweet Glutinous ($14). Photo: Le Fusion

End off the meal with a thin, crackling crumble of lotus seed tuille on a bed of pillowy panna cotta. But it isn't just the traditional sweet cream pudding, this dessert has a thick layer of pulut hitam, or black glutinous rice with a swirl of coconut milk. It's all very rich, but the little crunch of lotus seed is just the pause you need on this luxurious cup of Panna Cotta with Sweet Glutinous ($14). 

Another welcome flavour is also the Le Fusion Chendol, which is the colourful coconut milk chendol dessert we all know, with kidney beans, jelly and crushed ice. 

If you're coming with family, sit at the comfy tables. If you're coming with friends for a drink, the bar's on the other side. 

Address: Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-7 le fusion, 8/9, Singapore

Hours: Takeaway and islandwide delivery available 12pm - 10pm daily via /

See website here for latest opening hours, Facebook here

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