Malaysian Street Food is full of flavour and different textures and the best part - they're always open late into the night. Here's the places you should be going to when you're in Malaysia. 


Guide: 5 Supper Spots to Jumpstart Your Kuala Lumpur Foodie Tour

What to eat in KL? When it comes to street food in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, the list is endless. Locals, let alone travellers, have a hard time conquering the ever-increasing number of restorans, push carts and makeshift stores, but we’ve narrowed down top 5 hotspots to familiarise the uninitiated with what Kuala Lumpur has to offer come supper time.

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Slurp up a piping hot bowl of Sarawak laksa noodles in the delicious city of Kuching

10 Nationalistic Recipes For Merdeka Day

Spice up celebrations with hot bowls of laksa, and pass around sticky satay sticks. The nation really knows its food, and we know how to make it.

Late Night Guide: Malaysia


Late Night Guide: Kota Kinabalu

Home to South-East Asia's tallest mountain, don't feel guilty grabbing a snack because you could always burn off those calories when you hike to the summit.

Late-Night Guide: Kuching, Malaysia

Early birds or night owls, Kuching has the best early morning/late night spots for you to feast and dine, and we bring you to our favourite haunts in Kuching.

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A bite of Bintulu, here are the places you have to visit in Bintulu - and we have a whole other second part of this Late Night Guide if you're hungry for more.

Late Night Guide: Bintulu #2

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Ayam Masak Lemak

This popular Malaysian dish translates to ‘chicken in turmeric coconut curry’ and is thought to have originated from Sri Lanka.

Sambal Tumis Udang

Spicy sauteed shrimp that packs a punch, deliciously finger licking good!

Delicious Desserts: Deep-Fried Banana Fritter Balls (Cekodok Pisang)

Also known as ‘jemput jemput pisang’, these deep-fried banana fritter balls are a sweet treat!

Assam Laksa

The perfect perk me up dish from Penang, assam laksa is a beautiful dish that is sour and spicy which makes it very appetizing. If you have been to Penang, you have know of the famous Ayer Itam assam laksa that is so delicious you would want to make it right in your very own kitchen. Knowing the right ingredients and techniques could transport you right to Penang and remind you of the taste of the famous Penang Assam Laksa.

Malaysian Cuisine

If you enjoy spice and aromatic flavors, traditional Malaysian food will amaze you. From authentic ‘kaya’ jam to savoury beef ‘rendang’, Malaysian recipes are packed with spices and herbs, delivering a punch with every dish you try.

Tried and tested by our community of food lovers, our Malaysian recipes are detailed and guided which makes following them at home very easy. Step-by-step instructions, videos and photos will guide you through the process of whipping up your own Malaysian dish at home - even if you are very new to cooking.

Influenced by an array of cuisines in the Southeast Asia region, you can easily find Thai and Chinese influences in Malay food.

Malay Food And Culture

Home to a melting pot of cultures, Malaysia is home to a variety of cuisines - from main dishes to desserts, your senses will be treated to a satisfying experience as you sample these authentic Malaysian recipes at home! A combination of mouthwatering spices and influence from international cuisines, there is something for everyone in Malay cuisine.

Popular Malaysian Recipes

Just like how lemongrass is synonymous with Thai cooking, dried spices (star anise, mustard seeds, cumin and coriander), coconut and herbs (turmeric, kaffir lime leaves and pandan leaves) are very popular in Malaysian recipes and cooking. Very often, Malaysian recipes also feature ‘belacan sambal’, a concoction of shallots, garlic, ginger and chilies that are fried together to make a spicy condiment paste. Many Malaysian dishes, such as the ‘Nasi Lemak’, have ‘sambal’ as an accompaniment.

The Assam Laksa, Deep-Fried Banana Fritter Balls (Cekodok Pisang) and Ayam Masak Kicap are some of the popular Malaysian dishes that are reminiscent of the food culture there. Our collection of Malaysian recipes have photos and a video to guide you through the process of experimenting with a new dish.

If you are travelling to Malaysia, we recommend that you sample all that Malaysian food culture has to offer you. From piping hot bowls of ‘Laksa’ in Sarawak to sticky satay sticks from street shops, our guide has you covered.

Have You Tried Our Recipes?

Interested in trying out a new recipe tonight? Why not try making a popular Malaysian dish - pick from our repository of recipes here and be sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram!

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