Lombok: 5 Celeb Recommendations For Your Next Trip There

Lombok: 5 Celeb Recommendations For Your Next Trip There

Discover the charm of traditional Sasak culture amongst alluring natural landscapes of Lombok with a list curated by your favorite local personalities.

An island bursting with cultural intrigue, Lombok is the birthplace of the indigenous Sasak tribe, best known for their warrior-level bravery and prowess. Breathtaking natural vistas of white sandy beaches and rugged green hills encompass their homes, making it an undisputed Best Ever Destination in Indonesia. 

Making your way to Lombok from Jakarta is a breezy 2-hour flight and traveling to the Southern coastal beauty of Mandalika is just a scenic half hour drive away. But before you book a ticket, let your favorite celebrities guide you to the must-do attractions of Lombok for an unforgettable journey. 

VISIT THIS: Sade Village, the ancestral home of Sasak tribespeople

Peek into a traditional bale tani home of Sasak people at Sade Village.

Celebrity thumbs up: Travel influencer Marischka Prudence recommends stepping into a local Sasak home to see how cow dung helps defy the tropical heat.

Get a glimpse of the olden days in Lombok by making your way to Sade Village. Nestled amongst the modern architectures of Mandalika, Sade Village is still brimming with Sasak history especially in their traditional bale tani homes. Their humble quarters are made with clay, bamboo, straw ash and a foolproof ingredient – cow dung, which is believed to ward off insects and evil spirits.

BUY THIS: Tenun, the feminist tapestry handmade by Sasak women

Watch the Sasak women work their fingers to create their tenun, or try your own hand at it.

Celebrity thumbs up: Award-winning singer Isyana Sarasvati recommends purchasing a piece of woven handicraft in Sade Village to help support the preservation of the art and the local community.

Many find weaving as an art form, but for Sasak women, it’s also their ticket to marriage. Taught from the early ages, you’ll find these artisans working their magic on the daily to create their woven piece de resistance, or they might end up having to pay a fine. The patterns, colors and threads of each woven tenun tells the tale of life, marriage and death, and due to its intricacies, creating each piece can take days and even months. 

WATCH THIS: Tari Petuk, the ceremonial dance to celebrate coming-of-age Sasak boys

Dressed in a traditional costume and donned with a mustache, Tari Petuk celebrates the passage to manhood

Celebrity thumbs up: Actor Mike Lewis recommends watching the cheeky, lighthearted traditional Tari Petuk dance and see how it puts the newly circumcised boys at ease.

In Sasak culture, a rite of passage that all boys must go through is circumcision. To celebrate this coming-of-age ceremony, a festive dance is performed by a solo male to entertain the younger ones to the beat of traditional petuk and gendang beleg drums. Get a glimpse of this when you visit Sade Village and stick around to learn some new moves. 

MASTER THIS: Peresean, the ritualistic martial art for Sade warriors

Test your agility and endurance as you try out the traditional stick fighting art of peresean

Celebrity thumbs up: Actor and adventurer Hamish Daud recommends trying out a peresean duel with a master, or Pepadu, to see why Sasak people are proud warriors and great fighters.

Men of the Sasak tribe are well known to be great fighters and warriors, making the physical combat fighting style of peresean an art form that’s considered sacred. With years of honing the craft, it puts a fighter’s speed, power and endurance to the test. Traditionally, a duel amongst Sasak warriors is held at the end of the dry season, where the first drop of blood sacrificed is believed to bring the first drop of rain. 

EXPLORE THIS: Mandalika, the idyllic, white sandy beach galore

Explore white, sandy beaches and the best waves West Nusa Tenggara has to offer at Mandalika

Celebrity thumbs up: Award-winning singer Isyana Saravasti recommends visiting Mandalika during the annual Bau Nyale festival to catch sacred sea worms, which are believed to be reincarnations of Princess Mandalika.

At the southern tip of Lombok lies Mandalika, a spectacular coast where hidden coves, big breaks and amazing views await you. The warm, turquoise waters of Tanjung Aan will lure you in to take a dip and the fine, soft sands of Pantai Merica will have you walking from bay to bay while you take in the amazing views. With so many spots to explore, there’s always an exciting adventure for everyone in Mandalika.

Health & safety protocols to note

When you’re traveling around Indonesia, don’t forget that health and safety protocols are still strictly enforced. Major tourist destinations will have temperature checks and won’t let you enter without your masks. Vaccine certificates are also required upon entry across all establishments, so have it ready from your PeduliLindungi app. 

Certain international travelers are allowed to enter Indonesia with strict regulations, so be sure to keep checking before you book your tickets and start packing. Domestic travel across the archipelago is open for vaccinated travelers, but remember to remain safe and be responsible for yourself and others. 

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