Best Ever Indonesia: The Best of Both Worlds

Indonesia is waiting to welcome you back with a warm embrace, when the time's right. For now, dream and plan for your next holiday in this diverse land of adventures, cultures, food and fun. Are you looking for an adventure at sea, or a wild trek on land? Will you retreat to a secret haven, or join in a lively celebration? Whatever your best holiday is, Indonesia has the best of both worlds for you and your travel buddies. Scroll and plan your dream Indonesian trip with our guides of food and travel. Watch too, some of our favourite moments in the Indonesian heartlands, as told by popular celebrities. 
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Read: The Best Guides 

Plan your perfect getaway to some of Indonesia's best islands. 

Travel: Dive into Endless Adventure in Lombok

Spot rolling hills and stretches of blue in the scenic nature of Lombok

Travel: Explore Postcard Perfect Likupang

Escape to colourful coral reefs, lush mangroves, and breathtaking savannas

Travel: Discover the Wondrous Nature of Lake Toba

This UNESCO site is the largest volcanic lake in the world

Travel: Embrace Scenic Beauty in Labuan Bajo

Experience a slice of paradise on earth in the charming fishing village

Travel: Journey Through Enchanted Borobudur

Ignite your inner Indiana Jones with majestic temple complexes and beyond

Watch: The Best Moments 

Soon, immerse yourself in a stunning visual tour of Indonesia's best island paradises. Our celebrity recommendations will take you through pink-blushed beaches, lively undersea corals, and some of the most scenic spots to have your meals - so you can plan your best trip yet. Meanwhile, here's a quick snapshot of some very exciting videos to come.


Eat: The Best Local Delights

Getting hungry? Scroll through our fresh foodie guides straight from these scrumptious island havens

Likupang Eats: Deliciously Bold, Mouthwatering Flavours

Sambal is supreme here off Likupang, where you'll begin your foodie journey

Lombok Eats: An Exciting Foodie Guide To The Beach-Blessed Island

Dig into sweet kue, spiced ayam taliwang and so much more

Lake Toba Eats: A Bright, Spicy Kick

Find comfort in the flavourful Batak cuisine around Lake Toba

Labuan Bajo Eats: Taste Delight in the Magical Island

Food here is heavily influenced by Javanese and Chinese cuisine

Borobudur Eats: Bite into the charm of Javanese culture

Sweet and rich in flavour, Javanese food will win your heart over

Keeping You Safe

Indonesia has taken the pandemic seriously, putting in tough measures to keep everyone - residents and travellers, safe. It has received the WTTC Safe Travels Stamp and has launched strict measures for hotels, restaurants, and its world-class dive industry. 
For the latest information on entry requirements designed to keep you travelling safely, see their website

If you seek the best, Indonesia is the perfect place for you 

Photography: Andri Ramadhan, Jan E Papilaya, Muhammad Fadilla Aulia, Naufal Muflih, Dea Betari, Qwita Loupatty, Samsul Rizal. 

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