In a world still gripped by the COVID-19 virus, reopening a country is no quick and easy task. And that's something the Philippines understands as it begins to open its doors domestically, one watchful and steady step at a time. 



Under new norms, the Philippines have begun to reopen several safe destinations that are ringfenced from the virus. They include world-famous beach island Boracay, with Bohol and Siquijor next on the list. These islands, now under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ), are all operating under tough new guidelines designed to keep the virus away. Besides standard health and safety protocols, this includes a Certificate of Authority to Operate that's given to selected hotels and F&B establishments that are allowed to open.

Here are guides to three of these safe haven spots for a next vacation there. They include all the new rules for visiting, as well as restaurant recommendations, scenic spots, and allowed activities.

Travel and eat

New Normal Guide: Boracay

How travel looks like in the Philippines' world-famous beach destination under the new rules

New Normal Guide: Bohol

Under new normals, Bohol still beckons you to its beguiling emerald isle for a fun and frolic beach vacation with strict health and safety measures

New Normal Guide: Siquijor

How travel looks like in the mystical Philippine islands of Siquijor

By the Way: Delicious Island Bites To Try

Also inside the guides are some great food and drink recommendations, from breezy beachside cocktails to comforting indoor meals across international cuisine and tasty local eats. Scroll right for a snapshot. 


As authorities juggle twin goals of safety and restarting the country's big tourism engine, they continue to keep a keen eye on the former - which is the top priority. So far, the Philippines has sustained far-reaching health and safety measures, and is ramping up tracing and testing. In fact, in the coming months, it is determined to test 10 million people - nearly a quarter of its population. Here's a quick look at critical safety steps being enforced in the country, especially across tourism destinations. 



Photography: Ghen Lumayag / Jack Jarilla / Cindy Bonachita 

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