Travel For Love

Travel for Love is a social experiment presenting all the thrills of travel, with a refreshing take on the beginnings of new relationships. 5 singles will experience amazing local flavors, and unique cultures of their host cities, all whilst challenging their comfort zones, by going on blind dates. 


Episode 1: Meet the 5 Looking For Love in New Cities

Travel For Love is a new unscripted series that reinvents the genre of travel shows, with the added element of new relationships in foreign lands. In this series, 5 micro influencers set off on a trip of a lifetime to experience all the magic of new adventures, and the anticipation of meeting potential romantic interests, for the first time. Travel for Love is a social experiment presenting all the thrills of travel, with a refreshing take on the beginnings of new relationships. This ten-part series takes place in 5 different cities in Asia – Kuching, Yogyakarta, Dalat, Kuala Lumpur and Bohol. Throughout the series, the influencers will experience amazing local flavors, discover stunning destinations and delve into the unique cultures of their host cities, all whilst challenging their comfort zones, by going on three blind dates. After meeting 3 romantic hopefuls, each influencer will need to choose just 1 person, to go on a second date with. Will sparks fly, or will things smoulder and perhaps ignite new, intangible connections?

Episode 2: A Whole New World of Food, Places & Faces

In Kuala Lumpur, Samantha goes to new heights with her first date Alvin, experiencing emotions her heart has never felt before. While Honey meets her first date Shane in beautiful Bohol and explores underwater before taking the plunge straight into a bizarre situation. Getting to the heart of their host cities, Tahanee explores Yogyakarta’s scrumptious food, Tony indulges in the nostalgia of riding Dalat’s oldest steam train and Mariska is swept away by centuries old tribal dance and music in the remote rainforests of Sarawak.

Episode 3: New Experiences & New Firsts

Tony’s first date in Dalat with Queenie involves dancing and it's an awkward start that pushes him out of his comfort zone. Tahanee is used to Kuala Lumpur men, but she’s never dated someone from Indonesia before. How will her worldly date Levi impress her in Yogyakarta? Meanwhile, Mariska, Honey and Samantha explore art, community and culture in their host cities. With the help of artisans in Bohol, passionate greenies in Kuala Lumpur, and an indigenous tattoo artist in Kuching, they tick off a diverse list of experiences in each beloved city.

Episode 4: From Eating Worms to Dark Secrets From The Past

Mariska meets her second date, Dan deep in the alluring rainforest of Sarawak and is forced to confront her biggest fear; worms. Meanwhile, in idyllic Bohol, Honey surprises herself by letting second date Philippe in on a dark secret from her past. In the spirit of adventure, Tony, Tahanee and Samantha seek out unique experiences on their own. From pure taste bud indulgence at a hipster pop-up in Kuala Lumpur, to cycling through paddy fields and stumbling upon a half century old family business and tradition in Yogyakarta, to a motorcycle journey that leads to a chance encounter with a remote community in Dalat. It’s a soul revival like no other!

Episode 5: Tackling Never Tried Before Challenges & Personal Family Stories

With Mount Merapi providing a magical backdrop, Tahanee falls for the charms of Daymas, her second date, and shares intimate memories about her late mother. In Kuala Lumpur, Samantha goes on her second date with “guapo” Dharrshen but as they race around the tracks in Kuala Lumpur, she is left wondering if he’s got the full package she needs. Tony and Honey meanwhile tackle new challenges, with Honey taking on ziplining in Bohol and Tony abseiling in Dalat – a first for both of them. Mariska, out of the Kuching rainforest, finds herself drawn to the beautiful, haunting sound of the sape. Honey contemplates whether she’s ready to read her mom’s letter.

Travel for Love | Episode 6: Charisma & Charming Cities

Mariska is on her final date and is charmed by city slicker Sean who surprises her with a trip of a lifetime in Kuching! Tony meets his second date, Jessie, at a charming Dalat coffeeshop. With her love for flowers and sunsets, she is sure to get his mother’s seal of approval, but can she get his? Tahanee, Honey and Samantha have a change of pace, to absorb the rugged paradise of their cities; Yogyakarta, Bohol and Kuala Lumpur. Tahanee goes beyond the usual tourist sights in Yogyakarta to uncover archery in a quaint village. Samantha meets a contemporary batik designer in Kuala Lumpur who offers her just the dating advice her questioning heart is seeking. At the peaceful Hinagdanan Caves in Bohol, an ill and overwhelmed Honey finally decides to read her mother’s letter.

Social Distancing For Love: Breakfast Zooms with the Cast, Where They Are Now

Samantha, Mariska, Honey, Tahanee & Tony meet on a zoom breakfast to catch up - their juiciest takeaways from the show, where are they now, and talk about more questions you need the answers to. 


Travel For Love: Zoom Calls & Where Are They Now

Our 5 Singles meet on a zoom breakfast to catch up - where are they now after Travel Love? What was their favourite foods in their host countries? How their dates actually went? Catch them as they spill the beans on their best experiences from the show.

Social Distancing for Love

Can't meet your potential love on a first date? No problem, impress them by whipping up the best first (virtual) date meals. Recipes from the cast of Travel for Love that are first meal worthy, and oh so delicious. 


5 Romantic Couple Meals to Spice Up Your Zoom Dates

Super meal ideas you can easily make for that next online date, first made by TLC's hit blind-date series Travel for Love

Tony's Kimchi Pierogies

Tony shows you how to whip up his delicious kimchi pierogies

Tahanee's BBQ Chicken

Tahanee, or Tahoney's BBQ Chicken is juicy, flavorful, messy and delicious, perfectly tentalising for a first impressions first date. If he can't see you at your messiest, maybe he's not the one for you.

Samantha's Mango Panna Cotta

Deliciously sweet, Samantha whips up a light mango panna cotta, perfect for your first virtual date.

Samantha's Creamy Chicken Pasta

Easy, delicious and creamy. The perfect date dish, Samantha shows you how to create the creamiest and easiest chicken pasta for your first virtual date.

Mariska's Rawon (Indonesian Beef Soup)

Mariska cooks up the delicious Rawon, a tasty and flavourful beef soup that originates from Surabaya, East Indonesia. It's potent and delicious key ingredient - the black keluak nut.

Honey's Spinach Pasta with Roasted Butternut Squash

Honey shares her delicious spinach pasta to make for your virtual date.
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