Sweet Treats

This October, get ready for a sweet sweet month! Satisfy your sweet tooths with your favourite desserts and up your culinary skills with these easy recipes that will impress your honeys. 

Gula Melaka Delights

A type of palm sugar, gula melaka is sweet, dense with a nutty flavour. Take your cookies up a notch with our delicious flourless peanut butter gula melaka cookies, or give your avocado milkshake a natural sweetener that enhances its creamy flavour.  

Get your sweet on with gula melaka & start exploring the endless possibilities there is now! 

Under 30 mins

Addictive Flourless Peanut Butter Gula Melaka Cookies

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? This easy-peasy recipe gives you an excuse to stop eating peanut butter out of the jar and turn it into a legitimate melt-in-your-mouth cookie creation. You can use chunky or smooth peanut butter for it (we recommend smooth for a nicer texture), and even other nut butters if you don’t have peanut butter on hand. As these Peanut Butter Cookies are flourless, be sure not to over bake them, as they would become all crumbly.

One Dish Gula Melaka Banana Pudding

This gooey dessert comes together and bakes in the same pan for a saucy, sweet pudding that will delight the whole family.

One-Dish Gula Melaka Bread and Butter Pudding

Bread and Butter Pudding is a classic British dessert that’s perfect for a Christmas gathering, but we’ve given it an indulgent and familiar Asian twist with tropical flavours of pandan kaya and gula melaka palm sugar.

Sago Gula Melaka

Sweeten up with this sago pudding with palm sugar sauce that will leave your guest impressed!

What is your Coffee Snack Horoscope?


Find Out What Is Your Sweet Treat Match!

Discover the ideal sweet treat that’s attuned to your star sign needs for a delectable mid-afternoon coffee break

Impress Bibik With These Peranakan Kuehs

These traditional sweets are a must to try, and they're oh so easy to recreate at home. Delicious, satisfying and 'lemak', you're guaranteed to impress your mother-in-laws with these tasty desserts, or relive your child hood with our Sweet Potato Kueh lapis, and have it layer by layer. Have a twist on your regular cendol, and turn your favourite dessert into the deliciously sweet and satisfying Cendol Kueh Talam, or make easy vibrant Rose Sago Kuih, a favourite with kids. 


Delectable Cendol Kueh Talam

With the flavours and textures of Cendol in a kueh, these delicious morsels make gorgeous tea time treats. Cendol, an icy treat made with a combination of coconut milk, gula melaka and the distinctive green rice flour jelly, is a popular street dessert to cool down the hot and humid days (which is almost every day in Southeast Asia). This kueh takes the best of the Cendol dessert and turns it into a wonderful treat you can hold in your hand and pair with a smooth Teh Tarik or Kopi.

Beautiful Fragrant Purple Sweet Potato Kueh Lapis

A variation of the traditional nine-layer Nyonya Kueh Lapis, this version uses purple sweet potatoes for its natural colour and earthy flavour, alternating with traditional pandan-scented, coconut milk layers. The bright and unique purple colors are sure to attract itching fingers waiting to try some!

Delightful Chewy Rose Sago Kuih

There’s no flour needed for an eye-popping delight. The ruby red Rose Sago Kuih is simply made with caster sugar, sago, floral rose essence and a few other common ingredients to make for a soft, chewy delight during your afternoon tea or post-dinner indulgence. If you’re a fan of fresh grated coconut, take delight in flipping your kuihs in a tangle of the refreshing fruit, until you get a perfect coat of juicy coconut shreds.

Toothsome Pandan and Pumpkin Kueh Kosui

These soft and bouncy dimpled kueh are naturally coloured and flavoured with pandan, pumpkin and topped with salted coconut, making them a moreish treat.The rough and smooth textures makes this a delight in the mouth and will definitely have you reaching for just one more (especially one of a different color –got to try them all!). If you don’t have the appropriate mould, simply use your muffin tray and fill it to the midway point to make bigger kuehs.

Bake with Anna Olson

Took up baking during circuit breaker? Let Anna Olson give you tips and tricks to bake your way around the kitchen. From storing dry goods, to making your sweets last longer in the freezer, check out Anna's baking tips & tricks - you're guranteed to learn something new!


Basic Baking Terms

What does it mean to “cream” butter and sugar? How about “beating in ingredients?” And what is a “whipping” action, that is often essential to perfect meringues and cream? Anna takes you on a quick tour of basic baking terminology out there. In just under 2 minutes, she dissects the often used baking methods out there, and gets you “all set to get baking” in no time.

Separating Eggs

As simply put by Anna, “We as bakers take little tasks like cracking an egg for granted.” Most of us can’t live without eggs and use them daily in our cooking, be it in soups, in bread or even in fried rice or noodles. Want to learn some nifty egg tricks? Let professional pastry chef Anna Olson show you how you can master the art of cracking and separating eggs in this episode.

Yeast 101

It’s aliiiive! Yes, yeast is a single-cell organism that feeds happily on sugar and starch, ballooning (proofing) in size, and ultimately giving us that lovely fluff and stretch we enjoy in our breads and buns. Anna walks you through the three basic styles of yeast and how to work with them in this video, allowing you, as she says, “to make bread with confidence!”

How To Fill a Cake

Feast your eyes on how Anna expertly fills her cake with a luscious cherry jam, held in by decadent buttercream in this episode. She imparts various techniques to layer your cake well, which will then provide an easy base to do your frosting and decorating on. “When I slice into it, it will slice beautifully without squishing a bit,” she proudly asserts. Now, don’t we all crave for that instagram-worthy slice of cake?

10 Kinds Of Flours And How To Use Them

From all-purpose flour to slightly sweet tapioca flour that's used in many Nyonya kuehs, master the uses of different kinds of flours to create even more delicious meals and desserts!

For the Milo Lovers

One milo dinosaur large please! Our favourite childhood chocolatey, malty drink, now in many different forms. From brownies, to pancakes, find new ways to have this delicious chocolatety taste in almost all the baked sweets you can think of. (Spoiler alert: our favourite milo dessert is the easy 4 ingredient Milo Batik Cake)


Sinful Chocolatey Milo Batik

It might look modern, but the Milo Kek Batik really is a recipe from Malaysia long ago. Inspired by the British biscuit cake, you use just four ingredients probably already in your kitchen to get a chewy condensed milk milo cake sandwiched with layers of classic Marie biscuits. All you really need is a hot pot to let everything mix and melt into each other, then straight into the fridge to set. The next morning, slice or break the cold chocolately cake into rough squares and savour with a warm cup of your favourite drink. More Milo perhaps?

Milo Dinosaur Brownies

We love our Milo Dinosaurs, so why not have it as a brownie? Dense and chewy, this Milo brownie is familiar and indulgent all at once.Like normal brownies, they are incredible easy to make and is often the go-to recipe for whipping up something quick for the kids over the weekend. Milo adds a sweet, malty taste to this classic dessert, and pairs so well with all that chocolate-y goodness.

Toothsome Milo Krispies Cookies

Milo Krispies Cookies are exactly what you imagine -milo cookie chunks that are at once sweet, malty, and crisp. Chocolately malt milo, tiny rice puffs and chewy cookie dough combine in the air-fryer to make an addictive snack that’s completely oil-free. Drizzle your freshly made snacks with chocolate or sprinkle hundreds and thousands for extra colour.

Milo Dinosaur Chocolate Pancakes

Having trouble with sleepyheads at home? Whip up our Milo Dinosaur Chocolate Pancake and we guarantee that they will spring right out of bed! On top of the usual pancake ingredients, we throw in a good dose of Milo powder which gives the pancake a lovely malt chocolate flavour. Top it off with our easy coconut whipped cream and Milo powder (yes, more chocolate!) for added indulgence.

Traditional Creamy Coconut Milk Desserts

This creamy 'lemak' milk will add extra fragrance and depth to your favourite desserts, and is the also the main ingredients for our favourite bananas in coconut milk. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these rich creamy coconut milks recipes, easily recreated in your kitchen


Burbur Cha Cha

The Bubur Cha Cha is aptly named because a spoonful of this will make you want to do the Cha-Cha! One of the more well-known Peranakan dessert and commonly found in Hong Kong-style cafes, Bubur Cha Cha is a coconut milk dessert that is infused with pandan leaves, and contains colourful sweet potato cubes and taro. Great for dessert and supper!


In 2019, CNN named Cendol one of the top 50 world’s best dessert and within reason –it is that good! A mountain of crushed ice soaked in coconut milk infused with pandan, and palm sugar (known as Gula Melaka in Southeast Asia), with a pile of ingredients that add to its colour and texture, such as the green rice flour jelly and kidney beans. Here we have a cute adaptation of Cendol, in jelly form!

Honeydew Sago Pomelo

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as an ice-cold bowl of Honeydew Sago on a hot summer’s day, and you will see why! Balls of cold melon, sago and pomelo floating in a cooled mixture of honeydew and evaporated milk that is both sweet yet incredibly refreshing. Not into Honeydew? It can be replaced with durian, jackfruit or mango!

Thai Bananas in Coconut Milk

A classic Thai dessert that is very simple, quick and easy to make, this sweet and creamy dish will be a delight.

The Best of Durian Desserts

Durian, the King of fruits! You either love it or hate it, but we must warn you: these durian recipes are so addictive you just won't be able to have enough of them. The pungent sweet flesh of durian makes it a rich ingredient to have in your dessert, and these recipes are creamy, sweet and fragrant. Give durian a try this durian season with our favourite durian recipes. 


Decadent Creamy Durian Kueh Salat

Durian season calls for decadent, creamy durian desserts made with the soft, ripe yellow pulp. Combining durian, butterfly pea flowers and glutinous rice, this kueh’s powerful fragrance and striking colours, are sure to wow on your dining table.The natural sweetness and bitterness of durian compliments creamy coconut milk really well, giving this kueh a richer taste compared to other Nyonya desserts.

Durian Burnt Cheesecake

Move over durian puff, the durian basque cheesecake is here -straight out of the air-fryer. The creaminess of the cake, a result of cream cheese and smooth pulpy durian is a slow, satisfying melt in your mouth. Its flavours too, are rich and complex, with the bitterness of the burnt top giving way to sweet cheese and durian. Well, certainly a treat to die for if you're a fan of Southeast Asia's “King of Fruits”!

Pulut Durian

Can’t decide if you’re a fan of this pungent fruit? This delicious sticky rice made with coconut milk, drizzled with durian gravy is sure to change your mind!

Durian Chocolate Truffle

We guarantee an interesting flavour, paired with the king of fruits - the durian chocolate truffle.

AFN's Top 10 Desserts

Spoilt for choice? Here's a list of top 10 addictive desserts that you must try, just to narrow down the list for you.


10 Addictive Asian Desserts

Desserts in Asia don't just use white sugar for sweetness. There's caramel gold of gula melaka in many Southeast Asian desserts, to creamy milky coconut milk in a bubbling bowl of warm Thai bananas. And we're not forgetting the endless list of sweet tropical fruits, especially the year-round favourite dessert, mango sago pomelo.

10 Ice Cold Recipes for Instant Cool

Keep cool and carry on with 10 ice cold recipes that will quench any thirst and keep the sweat away

10 Quick and Easy Desserts to Sweeten Your Day

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a colorful array of tantalizing treats

5 Popcorn Bowls For Unstoppable Snacking

Make a divinely puffed, more sweet than savoury popcorn bowl from mala salted caramel to kimchi seaweed

Good Ol' Days with Your Favourite Tongsui (Dessert Soups)

Make these desserts just like how your grandmother used to, sweet and full of love. Easy to create and just as tasty.


Almond Tang Yuan

Easy to make, you can have it any time of the year. Tang Yuan is commonly eaten during the winter solstice, and it's a tasty dessert that you won't stop at just one ball.

Mango Sago Pomelo Dessert

A classic Hong Kong dessert served in nearly all Chinese restaurants in Asia, this light and refreshing sweet treat is easy to make and extremely satisfying!

Keto Peanut Soup

Peanut Soup is probably the most iconic Chinese New Year dessert. It has always been a crowd-favourite, and now -ketogenic. Simply add sugar substitute Swerve for a sweeter taste, and xanthan gum to give it a lusciously thick and smooth texture. One bowl won’t be enough.

Sweet Black Sesame Soup

Hailing from China, the Sweet Black Sesame Dessert is a good ol’ fashioned dessert that has managed to beat the trends and remained popular throughout the years. Rumoured to be good for your hair and kidney, this dessert is made from rice and sesame seeds, and has the consistency of a cream-based soup. Eat it warm after meals as a dessert, or a mid-afternoon snack!



Sweet Cravings: How to Make the Easy and Delicious Mango Sticky Rice

Craving for something hearty and sweet, but doesn't know how to do any magic in the kitchen? This simple and quick mango sticky rice is simply awesome!

How To: Make Kaya

Spread over thin warm toast, sometimes with a piece of unmelted butter, kaya toast (and runny eggs!) is a typical Singaporean and Malaysian breakfast affair. This coconut jam indeed has a richer flavour than other fruit jams, with a texture that’s gooey, creamy and smooth all at the same timeFreshly made kaya may not last as long as factory made ones, but it’s so much more aromatic, tasty and rewarding in terms of the experience.

How To: Make Muah Chee 3 Ways

Fancy something other than traditional peanut or white sesame Muah Chee? Coat it with the even nuttier and nutritious black sesame or cinnamon sugar. Compared to white sesame, black sesame packs more fibre, iron and calcium, and is often used in Asian desserts. The best part about Muah Chee making that it can be a fun affair for both kids and adults, and there’s no pressure in crafting out perfect shapes!

How To: DIY Bubble Tea 3 Ways

If you live on bubble tea, these bubble tea recipes could be your life-saver. Whip up three popular favourites, from caramel-edged gula melaka (or brown sugar) milk, to a citrusy sweet honey lemon yakult one, and the cult-classic: smoky earl grey milk tea. You’ll need a bit of a strong wrist for all the constant stirring (to prevent the bobas from sticking). Otherwise, it only needs a few inexpensive ingredients, 20 mins of time, and a big straw to suck up all those sweet chewy tapioca pearls.

Cold Treats To Recreate In Your Own Kitchen

Beat the heat with our favourite ice cream recipes, and save that $20 from buying Ben & Jerry's by making these easy recipes at home. Homemade, for extra flavour and satisfaction.


Earl Grey Ice Cream

Perfect with waffles

One-Bowl No-Churn Five Spice and Orange Ice Cream

One can never resist desserts and definitely not ice creams. Try making your own ice cream, but this time, try using our One-Bowl No-Churn Five Spice and Orange Ice Cream recipe. It's a unique Asian dessert that is especially suitable for those who don't have a sweet tooth. The addition of five-spice powder balances out the sweetness, yet at the same time, it is not overpowering. Given that this entire recipe can be completed with the help of one bowl, it is perfect for everyone!

Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Inspired by the popular technicolor Filipino yam dessert, Halo Halo, Anna Olson creates a Sweet Potato Ice Cream Sundae with a crumbly nut brittle and sweet spiced maple cream. It might not look easy, but mostly it’s all whisking, for the ice-cream and maple cream, and for the brittle, all the hard work happens in the pot!

Berry Sorbet

Hot days? Cool down with a refreshingly icy Berry Sorbet! With a rumble of berries, sparkling grape juice and lifting mint leaves, you get a blend of sweet and zesty pick-me-up. Put all that in the freezer and simply wait to dig in. Freeze your spoon and sorbet cup too, if you want an extra chilled effect on your lips!

Baking Essentials

Every aspiring baker needs these essential baking tools in their kichen, and we have just the right tools you will thank us for sharing with you. Because they really do make your life in the kitchen easier, and makes your desserts as pretty as they are sweet and delicious!


7 Decorative Tools for Prettier Bakes

Conjure up all the beautiful artistic possibilities in your sweets with these handy decorative tools

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