Meal Prep: 6 Perfect Storage Options for Your Entire Ramadan Needs

Meal Prep: 6 Perfect Storage Options for Your Entire Ramadan Needs

Get your Iftar and Sahur meals ready hours before and pack them in these sturdy, insulated containers

Get your Iftar and Sahur meals ready hours before and pack them in these sturdy, insulated containers. It could be a warm and juicy Beef Rendang after sunset, or a crispy Curry Puff in the early morning – these magical storage options will keep your food just the way you made it until it’s time to eat.

1. Portable Noodles Soup Container with Lid

Portable Noodles Soup Container with Lid. Photo: Fenteer

Whether you made a pot of steaming Ayam Masak Lemak or a delightful soupy and slurpy Ipoh Hor Fun, having a Noodle Soup Pot helps to keep it warm for later. It comes with an airtight valve to keep the heat in and prevent spillage, the only "leaks" it has are punched holes for pouring out the soup, that can be covered with a push-up button. We like the size of this pot because it’s wide and deep enough for ladling out your soups without having to resort to pouring it out. The abrasion resistant design also allows for it to be placed on surfaces without worrying about it sliding all over. Feeling lazy? Take this out to your favourite hawker stall and have them fill it up with your takeaway! 

2. Light Stackable Food Containers

Range of Lock & Lock Containers. Photo: Lock & Lock

Lock & Lock is ubiquitous with food storage. Every household certainly has some container that is from this brand, or similar! If you don’t, here’s why so many of us love the Lock & Lock Stackable Food Containers.  It’s airtight: If you ever had sticky Beef Rendang gravy or Buntut Soup spill all over your fridge or your lunch bag, you know how annoying is this. Lock & Lock has made one of the best airtight containers we have used – shake it, turn it upside down or sideways – it keeps all of its contents in. It’s microwavable – who wants the hassle of having to tip their food out just for reheating? Save on dishwashing by storing your meals in Lock & Lock’s huge range of containers. There’s definitely one perfect container for every meal size. It’s also stackable – optimize your fridge or picnic basket space by stacking the containers. We are sure that your first Lock & Lock container won’t be your last!

3. Heat-Resistant Glass Water Jug

One is All Large Water Jug. Photo: One is All

In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, cold drinks are definitely a must. Prepare your refreshing fruit or vegetable juices beforehand and store them for Sahur –your family will thank you for it later! We love the elegant look and easy handling of this water jug. It comes with a filter at the top as well, straining the pulp out of your juices without having to do it manually. Made with glass and stainless steel, this One Is All 1.8/2.2L Large Water is designed to last a long time without rusting, and is safe for all sorts of yummy drinks like. One special feature of this jug is that you can safely put it over a flame to heat the contents up if needed. Easy to clean, pour and store, what more do you need for the perfect water jug?

4. Easy-Carry Cake Container

TTLife Round Cake Carrier. Photo: TTLife

What’s a good dinner without great dessert? If you had an amazing Kueh Dadar or Kueh Bahulu made beforehand, we recommend having a handy TTLife Round Cake Carrier to store it safely away from the greedy flies. On top of being lightweight, durable and easy to clean, we appreciate the cute handles that flatten out when not in use. There are two catches on the bottom as well to keep your precious cake secure during transportation. Ready to bake? Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

5. Leak-Proof Freezer or Snack Bags

Oria Leak-Proof Freezer Bags. Photo: Oria

Thicker, sturdier and safer than your classic ziplock bags, these leak-proof bags are great for a variety of uses. Remember how your raw seafood started leaking and dripping from one shelf to the next? These Oria Leak-proof Freezer Bags will solve your freeze and fridge storage issues with raw meats and seafood, which are prone to emitting “juices” while thawing or being stored. Ziplock your entire fish meant Ikan Goreng Kicap for in a bag, and stash it away without worrying about it leaking nasty smelling juices everywhere. On the flip side, these bags are also fantastic for storing dry goods. Think fried Arrowhead Chips, Curry Leaf Popcorn and Chocolate Potato Chip Cookies. These relatively large airtight bags can be reused again and again for your movie night snacks.

6. All-Sealer Vacuum Sealer 

Truslink Multifunction Household Vacuum Sealer. Photo: Truslink

Are you the kind of chef who loves to cook way beforehand and store goodies in the freezer for much later? Then this Truslink Multi-function Household Vacuum Sealer is almost an essential item for you. Vacuum sealers are great for long-term storage as they prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. You can easily pack your soup, curry and gravy away in multiple packs for future use. It also protects your hard-earned creations from getting freezer burn and dehydration. It is definitely one of the more pricey food storage investments, but wouldn’t you love for your Prawn Rendang or Garang Asem to taste just like the day you made it?

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