Dinner Table Makeover: 9 Functional Instagrammable Tableware

Dinner Table Makeover: 9 Functional Instagrammable Tableware

Zooming into a virtual dinner gathering? Give your dining table a lift with camera-ready tableware that’s incredibly functional too

Zooming into a virtual dinner gathering? Give your dining table a lift with camera-ready tableware that’s incredibly functional too. We’re setting our meals with colourful bowls for sweet dessert soups, easy-to-wash table runners, and multi-level dessert plates for all your delightful kuehs. Read on:

1. Dolity Bohemian Table Runner 

Let’s start of with the basics – decorating your dining table! We absolutely adore the bright and intricate patterns of this Dolity Bohemian Table Runner.  Measuring a decent 180 by 30 cm, this vibrant table runner is perfect for small to medium family tables meant for 4-6 people. Its red and turquoise hues are a perfect pairing for most of our white or light colored plates. Best of all, this cotton table runner is easy to clean. Simply dunk the table runner into your washing machine and it’s as good as new.   

2. Monazone Creative Bone Porcelain Bowls and Dishes Set

We love the minimalist look of this MONAZONE Creative Bone Porcelain Bowls and Dishes Set. It makes for versatile food presentation and keeps the focus on the most important thing – your lovingly prepared food! Each set is perfect for 2 people (you can buy more if your family is larger) and comes with different-sized matching bowls, plates and soupspoons. Use it for hearty lunches or refreshing fruit concoctions throughout the day, this classic set will meet almost all your serving needs.

3. BangFang Petal Ceremic Dishes

These are so pretty, we almost don’t want to put sauces or gravy on them! If you are having a big steamboat, these little ceramic dishes are perfect for putting your savoury sauces such as Sambal Belecan or soya sauce with chilli. It is also a perfect pairing for your sashimi dips, and even your McDonald’s Inspired Curry Sauce. Just be careful with these precious things – they will shatter if you drop them.

4. Bucket Snack Holder

Whether you are having Arrowhead Chips or McDonald’s Inspired Shaker Fries, this OEM Stainless Steel Bucket Holder instantly adds a swashbuckling feel to your food presentation. We love the fact that it is light, portable and easy to clean. Its little handle makes it more convenient than your normal bowl or plate, and you can line the bucket with paper towels or cooking paper to absorb the extra grease. Use it to serve up your chips with your battered fish and we bet all your friends will be dripping with envy!

5. Hequ Wooden bowl 

Going for a Zen-vibe with your warming soups or fruit bowls? This Jujube wooden bowl will bring some earthy and relaxing feelings to your breakfast or lunch presentation. Its natural tones also make it a perfect holder a Japanese style Healthy Brothy Miso Carrot Kale Stew or a steaming bowl of rice.

6. OEM Oval Plate

One way to stay ahead of your Instagram food competitors is by switching up your food presentation. This European-style OEM Oval Ceramic Tray does just that with a huge array of colours available in a sleek round design.  Its length means you can add more bokeh to your food photos. We recommend it for drier dishes such as Root Veggies with Pesto, Sticky Honey Soy Chicken Wings or Stuffed Tofu Pork.

7. Monazone European Coffee Cup Set

We bet that many of you out there are coffee addicts like us. Most us need a good cuppa to start off the day. If you are discerning about your coffee (guilty as charged over here!), you would spend a few minutes grinding and brewing your coffee each morning. What better way to showcase your coffee treats than in a beautiful Monazone European Coffee Cup Set? It comes in a light blue or pink colour gradient with a subtle gold finish for a tinge of elegance. Made from ceramic, it keeps heat in well and is simply a classy way to start your mornings. Pair it with Thai Tea Cake for a complete look to a breakfast or afternoon tea.

8. Yoholoo 3-layer Cake Stand 

If you have a sweet tooth like us, you certainly can’t resist whipping up some Ube Mochi, Tangerine Cake with Vegan Chocolate Ganache or Kueh Bahulu to satisfy your dessert cravings. With this Yoholoo 3-layer Cake Stand, you can now exhibit your exquisite creations on your Instagram tea party with pizzazz. We love its detachable feature, which lets you get creative with your presentation style. Its light blue pastel colors certainly set the mood for an enjoyable, relaxing high-tea session with friends or family.

9. Bestart Luxury Dessert Forks

Compliment your cake stand and coffee cup set with a 12 piece set of Bestart Luxury Dessert Forks. They are so exquisite in shape, form and color that it would surely add an instant dash of grandeur to your sweet treats. With a wide variety of shades to choose from, you can certainly mix and match your dessert ware to plate your Thai Milk Tea Cheesecake or Gula Melaka Pineapple Upside Down Cake in the best way possible.

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