Convert Your Kitchen into a Stunning Cookspace with 6 Affordable Hacks

Convert Your Kitchen into a Stunning Cookspace with 6 Affordable Hacks

Your creative spot deserves this wallet-friendly transformation

Kitchen design is not just keeping things neat – it’s keeping your cookware lined up in an aesthetically pleasing manner, which makes you stand back and survey your kitchen with pride each time. These nifty storage solutions will not only save you precious space in your work zone, their functionality and pretty exteriors will keep you smiling as you bustle around your favorite place in the house.    

1. Wall-Mounted Kitchen Organizer

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Organizer. Photo: Seller's own

Have you ever gone on a mini spice hunt in the middle of frying a fragrant Thai Beef Green Curry or a rich Indian Chicken Masala? It’s frustrating to misplace your bottles of condiments and spices, and we all know there cooking doesn’t give you the luxury of time to look for them. Line them up (most literally) and keep them always in your sight with this super sleek and incredibly useful Wall-Mounted Kitchen Organizer. It holds everything that you could wish for within close range of your cooking – ladles, spatulas, slotted spoon, pasta scoops, your prized spice bottles and a handy kitchen towel for wiping damp hands or drying your cutlery. We love the thoughtful features that went into this light-weight stainless steel organizer – the guardrail prevents you from accidentally knocking your spice bottles off the shelf (happens to the best of us when we are in a hurry), and the drain-hole base allows for spillage to be cleaned easily. Its minimalist look fits in well with every kitchen, and it saves you a ton of space despite its small size. There’s absolutely nothing better to stylize and tidy your prime kitchen area with.

2. FaSoLa Dustproof Clamshell Rice Box

FaSoLa Dustproof Clamshell Rice Box. Photo: FaSoLa

If there’s one thing all Asian kitchens around the world share, it must be an infinite amount of rice. From the colorful Nasi Kerabu to the aromatic Hainanese Chicken Rice, Asian cuisine uses rice as a base for many of its flavorful dishes. How do you store your rice? Is it a huge bucket? Directly out of a 10 kg rice sack? Our rice storage methods have literally been passed down for generations, but perhaps its time to rethink how we can make this grain of life more readily accessible in our modern kitchens. This FaSoLa Dustproof Clamshell Rice Box is a contemporary alternative to traditional rice containers. Its futuristic curves blend in with any kitchen counter tops, and provides home cooks instant access to its contents. Choose from any of the 4 shades to match your kitchen color scheme and you’ll never have to reach down to scoop rice out again. The best part? It’s the little secret outlet at the bottom that allows you to drain every last grain when you’re getting low on rice.

3. Bamboo Cutlery Expandable Drawer

Bamboo Cutlery Expandable Drawer. Photo: Seller's own

Nothing pleases the tidy home chef more than seeing all their cutlery neatly lined up in a drawer. This Bamboo Cutlery Expandable Drawer allows you to sort your myriad of utensils conveniently. What distinguishes it from other cutlery trays is that it also expands – yes, you just have to extend the sides – to present even more storage to accommodate the cutlery use of bigger families.  Pop open the drawer to reach for that pair of chopsticks to enjoy your classic bowl of Dan Dan Noodles or grab a can opener to cut a section off the top of canned coconut milk for Mango Sticky Rice. There’s 7 compartments in total and you can expand or shrink to 5 to suit your needs.

4. MONAZONE Transparent Storage Bottles

MONAZONE Transparent Storage Bottles. Photo: Monazone

Every home baker or chef is always in need of new storage solutions for their huge range of spices, nuts, sauces and herbs. Our favorite pick to sort out your cooking necessities are these beautifully simple MONAZONE Transparent Storage Bottles. Save time looking through all your opaque containers to find the right spice – one glance at a row of these transparent bottles is all you need for picking the correct one out. Its Libbey glass seal ensures that your nuts for your Almond, Walnut, Raisin & Popcorn Trail Mix stay crunchy and dried herbs for Edamame Hummus stay free of moisture for a long time. Mix and match various shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

5. Loviver Set of 3 Sugar, Coffee and Tea Canisters

Loviver Set of 3 Sugar, Coffee and Tea Canisters. Photo: Loviver

Impress your guests with this quirky Loviver Set of 3 Sugar, Coffee and Tea Canisters. One, two or all three of these items are a constant in our daily lives, and some of us can’t start our day without tea or coffee. Made from iron, these jars are really sturdy, and come with polished wooden lids with a dainty handles. It will definitely hold up to constant use, whether you are making a creamy cup of Dalgona Coffee or refreshing Thai Iced Tea. You can also use them to store candy or biscuits for a sweet surprise if caffeine is not your cup of tea.

6. MONAZONE Iron 2-Layer Dish Rack

MONAZONE Iron 2-Layer Dish Rack. Photo: Monazone

Get it right just once, and you don’t have to deal with broken dishes or a sudden lack of drying space again. This MONAZONE Iron 2-Layer Dish Rack holds almost every piece of kitchenware that you might be washing in the sink.  Prepare a wide range of dishes like Stir-Fried Chicken & Spring Onions to Vegetarian Briyani for a family feast without worrying about washing up and drying off, as this dish rack will always have room for your wet cutlery, pots and bowls in dedicated compartments. Built to last, its tactfully-designed structure maximizes the space it sits on, with a removable tray collect the water droplets, keeping your countertop dry. A hardy bottom grid keeps your porcelain plates upright to dry off quickly and makes it a breeze to clean when you need to.

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