9 Tea Essentials for a Tea-rific Time this Mid-Autumn

9 Tea Essentials for a Tea-rific Time this Mid-Autumn

Mid-Autumn festivities call for bright lanterns, yummy mooncakes and definitely some soothing tea. Gather all your tea essentials before this full moon celebration!

With mid-autumn festival around the corner, the first thing that comes to mind are the decadent, sweet and savory mooncakes that bear intricate patterns symbolizing well wishes like longevity and harmony. Whether you prefer the traditional double egg-yolk lotus mooncakes or the modern and velvety champagne truffle snowskin mooncakes, there’s no doubt that all mooncakes pair best with a cup of warming tea that mellows out their cloying sweetness. Set yourself up for a light-hearted mid-autumn festival this year with these beautiful and functional tea sets and accessories under the full moon.

1. Monazone High Borosilicate Glass Teapot Set

Monazone High Borosilicate Glass Teapot Set. Photo: Monazone

There’s something mesmerizing about watching the essence of your tea leaves seep into the hot water in a glass teapot. You can enjoy just that with this Monazone High Borosilicate Glass Teapot Set, which literally comes with everything you could wish for in a modern tea set – 4 cups, a ceramic warmer, matching coasters, candles and a serving tray. We love the idea of having a ceramic tea warmer – it definitely beats putting the kettle on multiple times in a day. The wooden coasters double up as lids for the transparent tea cups, allowing you to keep your personal tea warm for longer as well. At this pocket friendly price point, it’s hard to beat the value of this tea set!

2. Japanese Style 150 ML Ceramic Tea Cup

Japanese Style 150 ML Ceramic Tea Cup. Photo: BolehDeals!/Lazada

Ceramic tea cups retains heat for a longer time due to its porosity, and is less likely to seep harmful chemicals into your hot tea compared to metal and plastic cups. This BolehDeals Japanese Style 150 ML Ceramic Tea Cup will allow you to enjoy your warm tea for longer, while providing a treat to the eyes with its pretty patterns. Choose from 6 different designs to match your kitchen or tea pot and you’re all set for a calming mid-autumn indulgence. 

3. Porcelain Handmade Chinese Teacup

Porcelain Handmade Chinese Teacup. Photo: OEM

Entertaining guests and want some pretty tea cups to impress? These beautifully glazed Porcelain Handmade Chinese Teacups make for the perfect presentation at your upcoming mid-autumn party. Both the insides and outsides are glazed with abstract patterns that match the calming and occasional floral notes of tea appreciation. Choose from 4 different designs to match your décor and you’ll feel just like royalty when you sip your traditional Chinese tea or Soothingly Warm Luo Han Guo Tea.

4. Chinese Patterned Table Runner

Chinese Patterned Table Runner. Photo: OEM

Another great addition to the dining table when hosting guests during mid-autumn is to add a touch of oriental elegance with this Chinese Patterned Table Runner. There are various lengths available, from 1.1m to suit a cozy table for four to 2.1m for a long table that seats 8 or 10 people. It’s also a good way to cover up those embarrassing old table stains or burns that you couldn’t get rid of. Wash and roll it up for easy storage when the festival is over and bring it out again for future Chinese celebrations!

5. Chinese Kung Fu Portable Ceramic Tea Set

Chinese Kung Fu Portable Ceramic Tea Set. Photo: ZZOOI

When everyone else is taking out tumblers and plastic cups, you can definitely blow your friends and loved ones away by unveiling this sophisticated Chinese Kung Fu Portable Ceramic Tea Set. This comprehensive 8-piece set comes in three neutral colors and has everything you need (except hot water) to make your mid-autumn picnic under the moonlight an elegantly successful one. The travel bag is also well-padded, alleviating any worries of breakage during your trip out.

6. VIOMI 1.5 L Thermos Flask

VIOMI 1.5 L Thermos Flask. Photo: ZZOOI

If you’re headed out to celebrate mid-autumn with mooncakes and tea, then this VIOMI 1.5 L Thermos Flask will definitely come in handy. Its insulation will keep your tea or water hot for a good 12 hours, with a leak proof seal to ensure that there’s no disastrous spillage in your picnic bag. The roomy 1.5L capacity means you can serve up to 10 cups of tea before having to look for more hot water. We love the ergonomic spout as well, which makes pouring hot water (or tea) out a breeze. Pair it with your Portable Ceramic Tea Set above for a fail-proof mid-autumn celebration.

7. One Is All Double Walled 34oz Tea Infuser

One Is All Double Walled 34oz Tea Infuser. Photo: One is All/Lazada

This dual-function One Is All Double Walled 34oz Tea Infuser allows you to infuse your loose tea leaves without the need to strain it while keeping your tea warm for shorter trips out with smaller groups of friends or family. It reduces the need to bring multiple sets of equipment, allowing you to share you warming or cooling teas with ease. A sling case is included for travel convenience.

8. 2Pcs Stainless Steel Ball Filter

Steel Ball Tea Leaves Filter. Photo: OEM

Perhaps it’s just a cozy date between you and your loved one this mid-autumn festival? In that case, skip all that fancy tea sets and just settle for this multiple purpose 2Pcs Stainless Steel Ball Filter. Each ball can fit enough loose leaf tea for one or two people, and is a fuss-free way of steeping your tea an any cup. Use it again for steeping spices in soups or your Masala Chai Tea to save time on straining or picking spice pieces out.

9. RuYiYu China Porcelain Tea Set

China Porcelain Tea Set. Photo: RuYiYu 

On top of being a celebration among family and friends, mid-autumn is also the perfect occasion for gift-giving. If you’ve painstakingly baked mooncakes or spent a pretty penny on them for that special someone, how about including this RuYiYu China Porcelain Tea Set for the ultimate festive gift hamper? This classy tea pot set won’t break the bank and will be a tasteful addition to the dining area.

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