9 Kitchen Essentials For A Festive Year End

9 Kitchen Essentials For A Festive Year End

Tidy kitchen tools for all the celebrations ahead

A little lights, a bit of color and a tingle of excitement in the air – can you feel that special time of the year coming? Give everyone around you and yourself a reason to smile when the year end nears with a feast for the eyes and stomach. From hearty sharing mains like flavorful Beef Rendang, healthy Zesty Thai Style Tri-Colored Quinoa Salad and Crispy Asian Buttermilk Chicken to vibrant desserts like Charcoal & Durian Mochi Cookies and Toothsome Pandan and Pumpkin Kueh Kosui, whip up and lay out your best culinary items with these festive kitchen essentials below.   

1. Lacor Chocolate Fountain

Lacor Chocolate Fountain. Photo: Lacor

Oooo…endless streaming silky luxurious dark chocolate out of a fountain. What could be more eye-catching than that? This Lacor Chocolate Fountain is a failsafe centerpiece for any dinner party or dessert table and is suitable for smaller parties and family gathering. Its 3 stainless steel tiers ensure that decadent liquid chocolate keeps flowing smoothly and it’s relatively small size means you can move and store it easily. Tread some fruits, marshmallows or prepare some Cat Tongue Cookies (Lidah Kucing) or Addictive Flourless Peanut Butter Gula Melaka Cookies on the side for dipping for a mini DIY dessert buffet.

2. Philips Daily Collection Air Fryer

Philips Daily Collection Air-Fryer. Photo: Philips

Air-frying your snacks, chicken and even cupcakes means you won’t have to deal with greasy pots or oil splattering everywhere when you’re prepping for a bigger festive meal for sharing. This well-reviewed Philips Daily Collection Air Fryer will let you fry up Lip-Smacking Crunchy Tahu Kriuk Kriuk and Bite-sized Curry Flavored Crunchy Mi for some quick and easy party snacks. You can even bake Fluffy Banana Cake or a moist Durian Airfryer Burnt Cheesecake in the removable food drawer, leaving your guests doubly amazed that an air fryer can concoct such amazing sweet treats!

3. Viski Black Marble Cheese Board

Viski Black Marble Cheese Board. Photo: Viski/The Providore

Add a luxurious touch to your dinner party with an exquisite Viski Black Marble Cheese Board, that can definitely hold more than just your savory cheese collection. Plate tapas-style snacks like Japanese Prawn Fritters with Shiso & Salted Plum and Baked Potato Rounds on its white-streaked black marble background for a beautiful contrasting background to your dishes.

4. Cornell Indoor Electric BBQ Grill

Cornell BBQ Indoor Flat Grill. Photo: Cornell

Who doesn’t love a Korean BBQ or DIY grilled seafood party? Take a step back from all the hectic cooking and make dinner a fun-filled family affair where everyone can cook their own Grilled Chicken Satay, Tofu Skewers and non-leafy vegetables like eggplant, zucchini and potato to their liking. This portable Cornell Indoor Electric BBQ Grill can be easily set up indoors on your dining table or out in the balcony on a sunny day out. We love its dual grill or griddle function, which allows you to create those coveted sear marks across your meats, just like a real outdoor barbeque.   

5. Carote Colored Multifunctional Colander

Carote Colored Multifunctional Kitchen Strainer. Photo: Carote

It’s quite rare to find kitchenware that actually doubles up as a pretty storage container while not in use, but that’s exactly this Carote Colored Multifunctional Kitchen Strainer does! Colanders or kitchen strainers are essential for any home-chef, for washing your vegetables and straining your pasta for a colorful Honey's Spinach Pasta with Roasted Butternut Squash or spiced Kimchi Cream Pasta. This modern-looking colander comes in several shades and 2 sizes to suit different family needs. The best part? It doubles up as a fruit bowl so you can leave it out on the table without it looking out of place.

6. Wooden Pizza Peel

Wooden Pizza Peel. Photo: OEM

When you’ve run out of ideas of what to make for the next celebration, pizza is an absolutely yummy party staple to fall back on. This minimalist Wooden Pizza Peel makes it super easy for transferring your pizza in and out of the oven and takes your presentation up a notch. It can also be used to jazz up your general food presentation, from Taiwanese Fried Chicken Steak to sticky sweet Pineapple Tarts. For the quickest pizza hack, try out this Instant Noodle Pizza Recipe.

7. Wiltshire Easybake Deep Roastpan with Rack

Wiltshire Easybake Deep Roastpan. Photo: Wiltshire

Whether it’s an easy One-Pan Roast Duck or aromatic Thai Lemongrass Roasted Chicken, it’s always nice to have a hearty roasted main on your dining table for sharing. Investing in a pocket-friendly Wiltshire Easybake Deep Roastpan with Rack is a no brainer when it comes to roasting poultry. This straightforward, unassuming 32.5cm x 25cm x 6cm roastpan is large enough for average-sized chickens, ducks and pork knuckles and allows for all that absolutely delicious juices and fats to collect below.

8. 1.8/2.2L Large Borosilicat Glass Water Jug

Large Borosilicat Glass Water Jug. Photo: One Is All

What’s a party without a refreshing punch or juice mix? Present your bright Green Capsicum and Apple Juice Booster or Soothingly Warm Luo Han Guo Tea in this transparent 1.8/2.2L Large Borosilicat Glass Water Jug for easy sharing. It comes with a stainless steel lid and strainer so that none of those infusing ingredients get through when you pour out the beverages.

9. BANFANG Glass Baking Pan

BANFANG Glass Baking Pan. Photo: Banfang

It may seem like a modest and simple piece of kitchenware to have, but how often have you scrambled to find a big and pretty enough bowl or plate to serve a larger dish to your dinner guests? This BANFANG Glass Baking Pan is not just for classic Seafood Cheese Baked Rice or Salt Baked Chicken. Serve up your gravy-heavy dishes like Lobster Tails in Coconut Gravy with Young Jackfruit or even Singapore Chili Crab in the larger glass dish. Choose from 3 sizes and 2 shapes to fit your festive needs that are super easy to match with any table setting.

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