9 Fabulous Finds for Dessert Making

9 Fabulous Finds for Dessert Making

There’s no better time of the year to get your hands deep in batter to create some beautiful bakes!

With all that stay home time on your hands, there’s no excuse for not getting a head start on the year-end festive goodies. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to fill your house with the delicious aromas of freshly baked tarts, cakes, cookies, jellies and more! Explore the handy kitchen tools below which aid the creation of both Asian and Western desserts, leaving you with more energy and time to enjoy your sweet creations.

1. Egg Tart and Cupcake 4 Pcs Set Baking Mold

4-piece 3-inch Non-Stick Tart Pan Bake Mold. Photo: chef made

Wander around the bustling streets of Hong Kong or Macau and you’ll definitely catch a whiff of the crisp scent of freshly baked Hong Kong Egg Tarts. This Egg Tart and Cupcake 4 Pcs Set Baking Mold holds your soon-to-be golden Portuguese egg tarts perfectly, and allow you to bake 6 tarts at one go. Not a fan of custard? Try making these Kaya Portugese Egg Tarts instead for a creamy alternative.

2. H&JOY Aluminum Alloy Cookie Cutters

H&JOY Cookie Cutters Moulds. Photo: H&JOY/OEM

At just a couple of dollars a set, these brightly colored H&JOY Aluminum Alloy Cookie Cutters gets us excited to roll out some Jam Cookies or Chocolate Chip Cookie dough. These food-grade molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from cute gingerbread men to classic hearts. A single set stacks within each other like Russian dolls and takes up minimal space in your kitchen drawer.

3. Sweetbaby 100W Electric Hand Held Whisk

Sweetbaby Electric Hand Held Egg Beater. Photo: OEM/Sweetbaby

For home-bakers who concoct modest amounts of sweet treats for their loved ones, this Sweetbaby 100W Electric Hand Held Whisk will save you sweat and tears toiling over the mixing bowl, trying to get your egg whites to the correct stiffness for a decadent Tangerine Cake with Vegan Chocolate Ganache or a smooth and creamy Matcha Tiramisu. It’s sturdy hard shell and humanized grip will let you operate it with confidence, while its 5-speed feature allows you to whisk anything from your cake or bread batter to sauces, gravies and jam. Compact, easy to clean and durable, this electric hand-held mixer will make its modest price tag worthwhile in no time!

4. 3.5L 6-Speed 600w Electric Food Stand Mixer

6-Speed Electric Food Stand Mixer. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

If you’re a heavy-duty baker, or have a constant stream of requests for your breads and other bakes, this 3.5L 6-Speed 600w Electric Food Stand Mixer will let you knead, mix and whisk larger amounts with ease. Whether it’s addictive Pineapple Tarts, Pumpkin & Salted Egg Mochi Cookies or simple Flatbread, the laborious part of the baking process can be handed over to this stand mixer, freeing up precious time for decorating, packaging and cleaning up. There are 3 separate attachment accessories to feed a variety of needs, with a thoughtfully designed splash cover to prevent batter from flying all over your kitchen counter. All that’s left is to say hello to some upsized Gula Melaka Pineapple Upside Down Cake or Sugee Cake.  

5. ASM Wooden Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin

ASM Wooden Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin. Photo: ASM/OEM

Ah! Are you falling over from cuteness overload yet? This ASM Wooden Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin literally puts the image of festive all over your baked creations and lets you have a ball of a time doing it as well! Turn the ordinary Cat Tongue Cookies (Lidah Kucing) or Addictive Flourless Peanut Butter Gula Melaka Cookies to the extraordinary by adding another dimension to your sweet crunchies. From Christmassy trees to adorable kitties, there are so many pretty patterns to choose from that we are tempted to collect them all!

6. Migecon Kitchen Wooden Rolling Pin

Migecon Kitchen Wooden Rolling Pin. Photo: Migecon

Patterned rolling pins won’t always work with dumplings, pasta or filo sheets, so it’s necessary to have a trusty Migecon Kitchen Wooden Rolling Pin to do the job(s). This no-frills 28 cm long, 2.5 cm in diameter rolling pin will let you roll out dough for sticky Halawet El Jeben (Sweet Cheese Rolls) and delightful Mochi Donuts easily, and the simplicity in its design means fuss-free cleaning afterwards.

7. Round 9-Inch Pie Mold

Round Baking Tray Pie Mould. Photo: OEM

Cake molds don’t exactly work for pies or tarts as they are too deep and baking your spiced apple pie or lemon tart in those will result in a hard-to-reach pie that will might crumble before it’s served. This Round 9-Inch Pie Mold is a nice size for small families and can be used to bake both sweet and savory pies, or even smaller cheesecakes like Thai Milk Tea Cheesecake. A removable base makes it easy to pop your pie out to be placed in a gift box or dessert table, while its carbon steel material allows for even heat distribution when cooking.

8. 33 Pcs Cake Decorating Set

33 Pcs/Set Cake Decorating Mould. Photo: OEM

Cheat your way around cake decorating with this huge 33 Pcs Cake Decorating Set, which contains classic shapes and patterns to suit a wide variety of decorating needs. We love its press-plunger design, making it a breeze to cut and transfer patterns to your iced cake. It can be used for cookie cutting too, so press and plunge your way to more beautiful bakes!

9. 12 Grids Silicone Floral Jelly and Pudding Mold

12 Grids Silicone Mould Flowers Dessert . Photo: winnereco

Hot and humid Asian weather often calls for cooling jellies, so having a 12 Grids Silicone Floral Jelly and Pudding Mold will let you craft eye-catching Moss Jelly (Puding Lumut Mentega) or Gula Melaka and Pandan Jelly for munching on after meals! This food-grade silicone mold is flexible, allowing you to push out your jellies smoothly while retaining their shapes. With such vibrant mold colors, you won’t forget about making some sweet jellies once in a while!

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