7 Under $35 Kitchen Organisers For a Clutter-Free Kitchen

7 Under $35 Kitchen Organisers For a Clutter-Free Kitchen

If you are like us and cooking more at home these days, you might notice the kitchen getting… crowded. From utensils, to food storage to the trash, here are some cool kitchen add-ons we found to help you optimize and tidy your kitchen

If you are like us and cooking more at home these days, you might notice the kitchen getting… crowded. Whether it’s a bottle of soy sauce here, sticks of lemongrass there or loose eggs rolling around, having a cluttered and disorganized kitchen can be frustrating and stressful for the cooking experience. With more hours spent in the kitchen each week, this is a great opportunity for you to transform it into the best workspace you can have. From utensils, to food storage to the trash, here are some cool kitchen add-ons we found to help you optimize and tidy your kitchen.

1. Multifunctional Three-Level Rack

Monazone Multifunctional Three-layer Iron Rack. Photo: Monazone

Creating new space in small kitchen is often a huge blessing for many home cooks. Optimise tight corners and high spots in the kitchen by placing everything you use everyday on this Monazone Multifunctional Three-layer Iron Rack, and watch as it becomes your ideal easy reach space. Put anything from plates, spice jars and even bigger items like flour boxes and more. This means no more stacking and removing items from the top of the microwave (you know you do this) whenever you need to use it. Be it jars of walnuts for your next Steak with Walnut and Blue Cheese or honey for your Sticky Honey Soy Chicken Wings, this shelf will provide you easy access to new ingredients without taking up new space.

2. Pull-Out Fridge Baskets

OEM Pull-Out Fridge Baskets. Photo: OEM

Fridges are a crucial part of anyone’s life – home cook or not. Many of us are guilty of having cluttered fridges just because no one sees them behind the closed doors. With big family fridges, it is easy to lose track where everything is, and small items such as cherry tomatoes, sauce packs and chocolates can slip through the cracks and never be found again (until it is too late). This set of OEM Pull-Out Fridge Baskets is a lightweight solution to storing small loose items for visible and convenient access. It beats having to stack and remove boxes of vegetables and fruits to get to the one you need. Sort your candy, sauce packs and cheeses into these drawers and voila! No more losing small items in random corners of the fridge.

3. Lazy Susan Glass Condiment Bottle Set

Monazone Rotating Stainless Steel Glass Condiment Set. Photo: Monazone

We fell in love with this condiment set at first sight. This elegant Monazone Rotating Stainless Steel Glass Condiment Set not only adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen, it also makes your most-often used spices a breeze to handle. Store white vinegar for your next Filipino Deep fried Milkfish in a sleek pouring bottle or curry powder for your Seafood Curry in the powder condiment bottle. Each bottle comes with its own dust-proof cap, so you can literally transfer the entire set into a picnic basket without worrying about spillage for your future outings.

4. Magnetic Multiple Knives Holder

Atlantic Chef Magnetic Knife Rack. Photo: ToTT

A serrated knife for slicing bread, a paring knife for peeling and cutting small fruits and vegetables, a chef’s knife for meat…the list goes on. Where does one store all their knives? We have the perfect solution to the prickly problem – an Atlantic Chef Magnetic Knife Rack. Small, minimalistic and absolutely ingenious, this magnetic knife holder lets you keep your knives where you can see them in an instant. It is also a great way to keep these sharp objects out of the hands of your little ones. This 35 cm long stainless steel knife holder is large enough to hold your entire collection of knives for you to see and admire at a glance. No more sorting through drawers for the right knife – just lift it off your wall!

5. Kitchen Hooks

Homenhome Kitchen Hooks. Photo: Homenhome

Speaking of lifting items off the wall – these Homenhome Kitchen Hooks are the perfect wall pairing with the Magnetic Knife Holder. Make common use items such as the ladle for everyday soups, spatula for frying delicious crunchy snacks and pasta scoops for all kinds of noodles easily accessible with hooks. Here’s a neat trick for freeing up even more space: Stick these hooks on the back of your cupboard doors to create new room in old spaces for pots and pans, measuring spoons, and lesser used items such as ice-scream scoops (disclaimer: this may be an common-use item to some), tongs and oven gloves. Cheap, versatile and easy-to-use, these hooks can be a lifesaver when it comes to de-cluttering.

6. Hanging Sink Basket

BangFang Hanging Sink Basket. Photo: BangFang

Love it or hate it, cleaning up is part and parcel of the home-cook’s life. Having a great sink set up can help you keep it hygienic, fuss-free and efficient. We all have experienced unnecessary spillage of the washing-up liquid all over the sink area and gross, squishy sponges. With this nifty BangFang Hanging Sink Basket, spillages are directed into the sink and sponges can dry properly off the sink counter. It comes with an adjustable knob and an easy-to-clean hollow carved design, so setting it up and maintaining its cleanliness is really simple.

7. Cabinet Wall-Mounted Trash Can

HomenHome Cabinet Wall-mounted Trash Can. Photo: Homenhome

Finally, what do we do with all that trash? Whether you are peeling garlic, scaling fish or deboning a chicken, there’s usually plenty of unwanted leftover bits strewn all over the kitchen counter at one time. Big garbage bins or little standing containers on top of the kitchen counters are just so inconvenient – they require you to scoop up the trash before dumping them in. When preparing big dishes like Kapitan Curry Chicken or Steamed fish with lime and chili dressing, there’s a sizeable amount of unwanted bits and pieces generated. With this strategically placed Homenhome Cabinet Wall-mounted Trash Can, you can easily sweep all the trash off your chopping board straight into the bin without having to worry about it.

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