7 Bakeware Every Smart Baker Needs

7 Bakeware Every Smart Baker Needs

Whip up some amazing homemade treats with this range of beautiful, durable and wallet-friendly baking equipment

Desserts are limited only by the imagination. There’s a sweet, indulgent world of wonder waiting to be explored – if you have the right tools. From tough glass dishes to soft bundt cake molds, find out what you really need to perfect those sweet and savory creations.

1. Sanneng Round Cake Tin Set with Removable Bottom

Sanneng Round Tin Cake Set. Photo: Sanneng

Let’s start with the bare essentials – round cake tins. Whether you are furnishing a new home or surprising a friend with a thoughtful gift for their housewarming party, you can’t go wrong with this Sanneng Round Cake Tin Set. It’s incredibly versatile and will be you default go-to bakeware whenever you have a sweet craving. From a lusciously rich Tangerine Cake with Vegan Chocolate Ganache to a crumbly Thai Tea Cake, these cake tins will hold them all with ease. Its super-useful removable bottom feature will let you flip your Gula Melaka Pineapple Upside Down Cake flawlessly. What’s more, the different sizes (6, 8 and 10 inches) correspond perfectly with typical cake recipes, allowing you to get right down to baking without worrying about conversions.

2. Bangfang Toughened Glass Rectangle Baking Dish

Bangfang Toughened Glass Rectangle Baking Dish . Photo: Bangfang

Baking is not only for dessert lovers. It’s a hassle-free way to roast vegetables, grill fish, melt that oozing Seafood Cheese Baked Rice and even make a healthier version Sweet Potato Fries. This Bangfang Toughened Glass Rectangle Baking Dish measures 4.4 deep and 25.4 cm wide, which is perfect for containing a small Baked Snapper With Sweet Butter Soy or Salt Baked Chicken. Glass distributes heat more evenly that metal does and stays warm for longer. This is great for savory dishes as you don’t want them to get cold too soon while you’re still enjoying your dinner! Rest assured that this baking dish won’t melt in the oven as it can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius.

3. Chefmade Hollow Donut Cake Mold

Chefmade Hollow Donut Cake Mold. Photo: Chefmade

These non-stick molds are so cute, you definitely want to use them right away. With a 3 different mini bundt shapes in this Chefmade Hollow Donut Cake Mold, your afternoon treats will emerge from the oven in such adorable swirly, floral and donut forms. Its ideal for serving up your large Sugee Cake or moist Nammoura (Lebanese Semolina Cake) in beautiful individual portions. Load this adorable mold up with a nutty muffin or brownie mix and change up their usual presentation like a pro. We are certain that whatever you bake in this cake mold will be the start attraction at the dessert table!

4. 5-Piece Carbon Steel Non-Stick Baking Set

5-Piece Carbon Steel Non-Stick Baking Set. Photo: Seller's Own

Can’t decide what to bake with the new oven or already know that you’ll be reaching for Classic Margherita Pizza one day and then a Savoury Bacon and Avocado Muffin the next? This 5-Piece Carbon Steel Non-Stick Baking Set will meet all your baking needs without breaking the bank. From a deep bread loaf to hold your hearty banana bread to a shallow pizza tray to serve up a crispy and chewy anchovy pizza, a whole range of sweet and savory dishes can be made with this durable baking set. It’s easy to clean and its non-stick coating will save you a lot of oil use over the years.

5. MONAZONE Ceramic Pumpkin Baking Bowl with Lid

MONAZONE Ceramic Pumpkin Baking Bowl with Lid. Photo: Monazone

Take your dessert presentation up a whole notch with this MONAZONE Ceramic Pumpkin Baking Bowl with Lid. It comes in 4 vibrant hues –  red, green, orange and white. Prettify your Sticky Date Pudding or Keto Raspberry Chocolate Bread Pudding in them, and dig in like a queen or king. Their little handles make it a breeze to move around and a matching decorative lid keeps the warmth of your dessert in. They easily double up as soup holders or even snack bowls. A quick note of caution – ensure that the lid does not go into your oven as the gold tip is not made to withstand high temperatures. The main bowl material is made from quality ceramic, which is good for keeping the heat in.  

6. KY Non-Stick Rectangle Bread Pan

KY Non-Stick Rectangle Bread Pan. Photo: KY

For minimalists and those who only want to get one piece of bakeware, we would recommend this KY Non-Stick Rectangle Bread Pan. Why a bread and not a cake pan? Well, cake pans take up more space – both in terms of the equipment itself and the cake, while in the fridge. Bread pans are perfect for couples or families who don’t crave huge portions of sweet desserts. Every typical cake recipe like Thai Milk Tea Cheesecake that calls for a cake pan can be converted to bread pans by diving by half normally, or adjusting it such that no more than 2 cups of flour is used in baking. Needles to say, a creamy One-Dish Gula Melaka Bread and Butter Pudding will fit in there well, as with other kinds of bread loafs.

7. Dolity Decorative Swirls Bundt Cake Mold

Dolity Decorative Swirls Bundt Cake Mold. Photo: Dolity

Silicon is the “new” kid in the block in terms of bakeware material – it was invented by a Frenchman Guy Demarle in the 1960s, which is pretty recent in terms of baking history. If you ever had cakes that refused to be separated from the cake tin despite your vigorous shaking, well, this Dolity Decorative Swirls Bundt Cake Mold will definitely bring you some sweet relief. Its flexible yet durable properties allow you to coax your cake gently out of the mold without destroying it, and the hole in the center means you will never have undercooked middle sections again. You can even use it for non-bake desserts like the jiggle-ly Moss Jelly (Puding Lumut Mentega), and create those attractive swirls in a heartbeat. 

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