6 Sustainable Must-Haves for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

6 Sustainable Must-Haves for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Save time and also the environment? It’s possible with these stylish reusable gadgets

One thing’s for sure in these strange social distancing times - we are either cooking or ordering in more often.  The unfortunate fact is that even as restaurants all over the world are starting to reopen, there has been a shift to single-use disposable cutlery and menus to prevent cross-contamination between customers. The good news is that there are many beautiful ways to reduce waste while dining out, cooking at home and ordering takeaway! Check out these interesting inventions that will not only ease your hassle in the home, but help to protect the environment as well. 

1. H&JOY 3 pcs Reusable Beeswax Cloth Wrap Set

H&JOY 3 pcs Reusable Beeswax Cloth Wrap Set. Photo: OEM

This H&JOY 3 pcs Reusable Beeswax Cloth Wrap Set is not only prettier to look at than cling film, it also leaves a much lesser footprint on mother nature. Spare yourself the trouble of tearing and working with flimsy plastic wrap (don’t we all hate it when it tangles onto itself and becomes unusable?), when you can just reach for a cute beeswax wrap to preserve your Spicy Lamb with Chickpeas and Quinoa Salad or Nasi Ulam (Local Herb Rice) for later. This set of food wraps comes in 3 different sizes to fit your needs. It’s not just for leftovers – preserve your fruit, vegetables, cheese and bread with this nifty invention, that’s just sticky enough to keep your food enclosed, while not sticking to your fingers. Breathe new life into them once every few months by heating them gently (50-70 degrees Celsius) in the oven to allow the wax to fill up any cracks that might have formed over prolonged usage. It definitely makes for a thoughtful gift as well – everyone could all do with a few more beeswax wrappers in our fridge. Psst – check out the banana-patterned one – we’re going bananas over it.

2. Banfang Silicone Set of 6 Microwave Lids

Banfang silicone six fresh-keeping microwave lids. Photo: Banfang

Need a set of reusable covers that can withstand high heat and your microwave?This vibrant Banfang Silicone Set of 6 Microwaveable Lids barely takes up any space in your kitchen while providing much needed protection against splatter and moisture loss. Use it to cover your creamy Beef Rendang or nutritious ABC Soup as you heat them up in the microwave. It comes in a multi-colored set of six in varying sizes, so you can easily pick out the correct one to fit your cup, bowl, and even pots and pans. Yes, if you are somehow missing a lid in your kitchenware, feel free to use this silicon replacement to ensure that your warming One-Pot Apple, Osmanthus, and Cranberry Dessert Soup does not evaporate too much and your crunchy Curry Leaf Popcorn doesn’t fly all over the stovetop while you are popping them.

3. Reusable Stainless Steel Straw Set

Reusable Stainless Steel Straw Set. Photo: Faszonttie

There’s no more excuses to reach for those plastic straws at your favorite Bubble Tea shop or cafe. This highly affordable and super classy Reusable Stainless Steel Straw Set literally has it all, from a wide straw for sweet boba tea, to a cocktail stirrer (doubles up as a scoop) and your typical drinking straw for enjoying a refreshing Thai Iced Tea or Dalgona Coffee in the afternoon. Choose from three shiny metallic hues to fit your style – all of them come with a soft, minimalist Japanese carrying case for easy portability. Included are also the little cleaning brushes to rinse your straws inside out after every use. It’s definitely a good gift set for friends or family that won’t break the bank!

4. Stasher Food Grade Silicone Snack Bag

Stasher 100% Silicone Reusable Food Bag. Photo: Stasher

All home cooks need a great freezer and fridge food storage system – so why not invest in a set of these Food Grade Silicone Snack Bags? They are infinitely more sturdy than those thin plastic ones given by supermarkets, and a more convenient way to store your marinating meats for a classic bowl of Bak Chor Mee or yummy Siew Mai. These color-coded bags are leak-proof and come with a little handle to make storage and drying a breeze. Measurements are actually printed on the front as well, giving you a good idea of how much chicken broth or Singapore Chili Crab gravy you have left to work with. The best part is that you will save hundreds of plastic bags a year by using these silicone replacements!

5. Reusable Mesh Kitchen Hanging Bags

Monazone Mesh Hanging Kitchen Bags. Photo: Monazone

These soft Reusable Hanging Mesh Kitchen Bags prevent the “sweating” of your precious fresh fruits and vegetables, which actually shortens their lifespan (don’t you get annoyed to see mold sprouting unnaturally early on your tomatoes because of this?!). These neutral-colored mesh bags allow your produce to “breathe”, extending their shelf life, which is ever so important for busy home chefs. The last thing you want when you’re about to cook up a feast is to look at a half-blackened carrot or lemons that are coated with nasty furry green mold. These lightweight mesh bags come with drawstrings to prevent comedic incidences of round fruits rolling around the house or on the bus home, and their netting allows the supermarket cashier to verify your purchase without having to take them out. Wash them once a while with lukewarm water and they are ready to go again!

6. Raintree Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

Raintree Mesh Tea Ball Strainer. Photo: Raintree

Packaged tea products use up an awful amount of resources for such a small item – first, you have to unbox it, then you have to tear off a plastic or paper sachet, only to finally extract a tiny tea bag that makes a single cup. With this Raintree Mesh Tea Ball Strainer, you can indulge in premium loose leaf tea for your Citrus Masala Chai or Chinese Herbal Tea without the hassle of fumbling around multiple layers of packaging for an afternoon of relaxation. We also love using these strainers for brewing herbs in homemade Sichuan chili oil of Dan Dan Noodles or traditional Bak Kut Teh. Whip up your own special tea blend, steep it in hot water and you don’t ever have to rely on uneconomical little tea sachets ever again.   

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