10 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Home Cooks

10 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Home Cooks

From delightfully pretty utensils to incredibly useful gadgets, here are some things your favorite home cook would love to receive this holiday season.

We’ve all got that special someone who loves to cook, or if you’re lucky, someone who loves to cook for you! Planning, prepping and cooking everyday is labor-intensive, but there’s a variety of gadgets and cutesy utensils out there to alleviate the burden of home chefs and put a huge smile on their faces. What better way to brighten up someone's (or even your own) holiday with one of these nifty cooking tools? Check out these little (and big) thoughtful gifts you can get for yourself or your loved ones below.

1. OTOTO Spaghetti Monster Colander

OTOTO Spaghetti Monster Colander. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Colanders are really useful to have around the kitchen, allowing you to drain your pasta for Laksa Seafood Pasta with ease, or dry your cabbage for a healthy Zesty Thai Style Tri-Colored Quinoa Salad. This super bright and cheery OTOTO Spaghetti Monster Colander will do all that, and light up any kitchen with its cute design.

2. Kenwood Breadmaker (White)

Kenwood Breadmaker. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

There’s nothing like dipping a freshly baked garlic bread or homemade sourdough slice into a creamy Carrot Ginger Turmeric Soup or Healthy Broccoli Spinach Soup. Making bread by hand is a laborious process, and often takes up a lot of physical energy, especially when kneading the dough. Enter the Kenwood Breadmaker, which has 12 different programs for bread, and does the kneading and baking for you worry-free overnight! For a quick bread fix, this bread machine even comes with a rapid bake function that lets you enjoy a fresh loaf in under an hour.

3. Konco Herb Grinder

Konco Herb Grinder. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

From Asian to Western dishes, herbs play a vital role in contributing their flavors and aromas to many dishes. Chopping herbs and spices can be a hassle when you’re in a rush. With this portable Konco Herb Grinder, you can grind a variety of herbs and spices with a simple twist. Now, which home chef wouldn’t appreciate that, especially when spicing up their Thai Prawns Vermicelli or garnishing their Spicy Baked Eggs?

4. Brund by SCANPAN RollSharp

Brund by SCANPAN RollSharp. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Blunt knives are the bane of any home chef’s existence, and adds a lot of unnecessary effort when cutting ingredients and could even ruin the texture of the dish. Having a good knife sharpener at home like this Brund by SCANPAN RollSharp is almost a necessity in any kitchen, and makes slicing fish for Pan-Fried Red Tilapia with Tomato and Gac Fruit Sauce or vegetables for Savory Tapioca and Vegetable Pancake with Brown Rice Flour a breeze.

5. Migecon Stainless Steel Foldable Steaming Rack

Migecon Stainless Steel Foldable Steaming Rack. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Oriental cuisine including tasty dim sum dishes like Din Tai Fung Xiao Long Bao or Har Gow often requires access to a steamer, and while you can do it in a pot, it is so much easier with a Migecon Stainless Steel Foldable Steaming Rack that gives you the flexibility to steam Pork Ribs in a bowl, or Chicken Buns on a plate. We love how one product gives you the option to use it three different ways. It even comes with a removable handle for ease and even more versatility.

6. Table Matters Floral Blue 7 inch Ramen Bowl

Table Matters Floral Blue 7 inch Ramen Bowl. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Home chefs need to eat well too, and sometimes, after rushing about the entire day to prep a big family dinner, they are left feeling a little less than inspired when it comes to enjoying their own meal. This gorgeous Table Matters Floral Blue 7 inch Ramen Bowl will definitely brighten up their mood, providing a sleek finish to any dish, especially soupy options like Mala Beef Noodles Soup and Sopas.

7. Philips Viva Collection Electric Pressure Cooker (6L) 

Philips Viva Collection Electric Pressure Cooker. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

From homemade Vegetable Stock and Chicken Stock to comforting Bubur Lambuk, simmering soup stock, stews and porridge takes up a lot of time, and is difficult to make on busy weekdays. This handy Philips Viva Collection Electric Pressure Cooker (6L) lets you cook these dishes in half the time, and even allows you to cook them overnight with ease as it comes with a self-timer and safety features.

8. Memdoo Seasoning Bottles

Memdoo Seasoning Bottles. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Spice bottles are a dime a dozen in the marketplace, but these Memdoo Seasoning Bottles are a step ahead with in-built spoons so you can get the precise amount of herbs and spices to instantly pour into your Orange and Five Spice Churros or Goblin 939 Olive Fried Chicken. Get a set of 3 or 5 bottles for your favorite home cook – they look more presentable that way and there’s never enough spice and herb bottles to be had!

9. Anova Precision Cooker Sous Vide Cooking Machine

Anova Precision Cooker Sous Vide Cooking Machine. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

For those who love precision cooking or playing around with the latest kitchen gadgets, this Anova Precision Cooker Sous Vide Cooking Machine WIFI Model lets any home chef cook their Steak with Walnut and Blue Cheese and Miso Glazed Salmon to perfection without constantly standing and watching over the stove! Small, handy and impeccably accurate, this popular and well-reviewed sous vide device is great for any perfectionist.

10. Plastic Clip On Colander

Plastic Clip On Colander. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

It can literally be a strain to strain noodles, and this little Plastic Clip On Colander can make all the difference between a big splat of noodles landing in the sink and staying dry in the pot. Clip it onto the side of your pot before draining the water off your Shirataki noodles in Laksa Shirataki Fried Noodles or green beans in Green Bean and Prawn Omelette and what was a chore before now becomes a walk in the park.

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