10 Quick Cooking Appliance Ready Recipes

10 Quick Cooking Appliance Ready Recipes

Cue the air-fryer and microwave: Make easy dishes with these kitchen appliances

1. Fluffy Air-Fried Banana Cake 

Not just for frying, use your air-fryer to bake a Fluffy Ugly Banana Cake too. The best part about this snack is that no one will fight you over it at first glance –and you can horde that sweet-tasting goodness to yourself. If your banana is really ripe, you can omit the sugar, as the natural sugars will be more than enough. For even more protein and a nice crunch, crush a handful of almonds or walnuts and fold it into the mixture before baking.

2. Chocolatey Milo Air-Fried Krispies Cookies

Milo Krispies Cookies are exactly what you imagine - milo cookie chunks that are at once sweet, malty, and crisp. Chocolately malt milo, tiny rice puffs and chewy cookie dough combine in the air-fryer to make an addictive snack that’s completely oil-free. Drizzle your freshly made snacks with chocolate or sprinkle hundreds and thousands for extra colour.

3. Air-Fried Crunchy Tahu Kriuk Kriuk

Whether it’s a side dish to dinner or a quick snack, Tahu Kriuk Kriuk or Tofu Puffs packs a punch and a crunch! Invert these tofu puffs and pat them dry with a kitchen towel to ensure that they are super crispy when air-fried. We love dipping them in sambal or sweet and sour chilli sauce –enjoy them while they are hot!

4. Bite-sized Air-Fried Curry Flavored Crunchy Mi

Remember the childhood days where we walked home with packs of Mamee monster noodles in our hands? Some of us like to crush it up before eating and others like to eat it as a huge piece. This Curry Flavored Crunchy Mi brings back those good old days, albeit a bit healthier as these golden brown tangles are air-fried (aka no oil) instead of deep-fried (aka with oil). You can flavour them as you like but we love the spicy curry taste best on these crunchy noodle balls.

5. Cheesy Chilli Microwave Omelette

Say cheese and your omelette is done! This super-speedy Cheesy Chilli Microwave Omelette is packed with yummy ingredients, and it’s the perfect little trick for an emergency hunger pang. Be careful not to overcook it as omelettes are best had when it is a tad moist. Sprinkle your favourite cheese or cheese for a melted stick top and dig in. If it's too spicy for you, you can omit the chilli, replace it with paprika or remove the chilli seeds to retain the red color.

6. One-Bowl Microwave Veggie Pilau Rice

Pilaf or Pilau is a fluffy rice dish that’s often cooked in rich stock with spices, vegetables or meat to obtain the best of flavors. In this One-Bowl Microwave Veggie Pilau Rice, the cooking process is sped up with a handy microwave without comprising the bright colors or aromatic flavors. Pair it with some curry, a fried egg or have it by itself for a fulfilling meal for you or your family

7. Microwave Sambal Salmon Parcel

Being in a rush doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a good, nutritious meal. In this Sambal Salmon Parcel, combine sambal, spring onions and salmon in the microwave for a piping hot fish dish that flakes off beautifully with each bite. The natural omega-3 rich fats of the salmon helps to keep it moist in the microwave while it absorbs the spicy tangy goodness of the sambal. The spring onions add texture and some refreshing flavors and you can give a squeeze of lime over the fish at the end for that zing!

8. Matcha Mug Cake

Traditional kueh takes a long time to make, but this Matcha Mug Cake with Japanese flair gives you the same addictive chewiness in less than just 5 minutes. We all love our beautiful green matcha desserts, and its unique taste is often compared to good red wine or dark chocolate. You can dust it with matcha powder, cocoa powder or icing sugar for a beautiful flourish at the end.

9. Microwave Mug Chocolate Brownies

Nothing beats a quick Chocolate Mug Cake on a rainy afternoon. This warm, moist and decadent dessert is so easy to create with just a microwave that there’s no reason to skip the sweet treat after you meal. We love to top ours with rainbow sprinkles, some healthy nuts and complete it with a honey or chocolate drizzle. For nutella fans, scoop out a tablespoon of nutella into the brownie mix before putting it into the microwave. This one's part of Matthias' 8 Miracle Microwave Hacks, so there's even more magical things you can do with your microwave!

10. Simple Microwave Pasta

Running super late for a meeting or an errand? Don’t skip your meal – this Simple Pasta takes just 3 minutes to whip up, and perhaps another 3 minutes to gobble down. Alternatively, you could pack it into a take-out container and take it with you to have it later, when your busy day has calmed down. Mix in some ketchup, sambal or olive oil – or all three – to taste. We like to sprinkle some herbs like oregano or parsley as well, especially if you have it handy somewhere on the kitchen counter.  

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